Do Not Rely on U.S. Government Assistance

By Ray Cardello for September 1, 2021 Season 3 / Post 29

Imagine you are a U.S. citizen who was unable to get through to the airport in Kabul. Imagine you were separated from your family, and some could get out, but others are still trapped. Imagine you believed the word of your President who said just a few weeks ago that no American would be left behind. Imagine the stark reality when you were notified by the exiting embassy that you must make contingency plans to get out when it is safe to do so but do not rely on U.S. government assistance. Thanks a lot, Joe.

This abandonment by Joe Biden is unprecedented. Our military has always lived by the creed that no man or woman ever be left behind. We have always ensured every brother or sister, alive or dead, was recovered before leaving a foreign land of conflict. Joe Biden has destroyed that creed, and our credibility, forever. In doing so, Joe Biden also destroyed his credibility. I could not care less about Biden’s, but I cannot forgive him for his damage to America’s image.

As optimists, we wake each day hoping we have hit the bottom of Joe’s Black Hole. Each day we face the reality that we are still falling. One day after our last plane left Kabul, no one in Biden’s circle has a hard number on the remaining U.S. citizens left behind. That makes Biden’s decision to pull the plug on our operation in Afghanistan even more difficult to stomach. Is he lying and knows the number or incompetent and has not a clue? I am with the latter.

In addition to the people left behind, we left an arsenal of weapons and equipment that makes the Taliban one of the best-equipped militaries in the world. The Pentagon admits to leaving includes: 33 Black Hawk Helicopters, 169 Armored Personnel Carriers, 22,000 Armored Humvees, and 359,000 Rifles. This is the Democrat version of gun control. The Pentagon claims that all of the equipment was left disabled. How can we believe this when the cache of munitions was initially intended for the Afghan Army. When, then, did the Marines go back and disable every piece of arms? It is simply a lie.

With their credibility gone, why should we listen to Biden, or any of his minions, when they preach to us about the success of the pullout from Afghanistan? When Biden claims we will not forgive and we will not forget, he forgets we will desert. The two hundred Americans the administration claims were left behind today mysteriously grew to five hundred. That represents 10% of the Americans we did rescue. If Biden had said we would leave behind 10%, would people have supported his initiative? I don’t think so.

So this has morphed from a rescue mission to a diplomatic effort. What diplomacy do we have in a country with no embassy and no diplomats on the ground and is controlled by a gang of thugs? None. We have little recourse in recovering these stranded Americans. The Taliban started door-to-door executions of anyone they felt were a supporter of the American effort. What chance do these Americans have? The chances of them being killed or made hostage are better than rescue. I would not want my fate in the hands of Biden or any of his team.

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