245 Years of Growth, 100 Days of Destruction

By Ray Cardello for May 2, 2021 * Season 1 * Post 106

Should have been a historic moment….it is not.

President Joe Biden gave an address to a group of members of Congress on Wednesday night. It was not called a State of the Union because it was actually a plan to destroy the Union. Not the Trade Unions, as they got plenty of attention from Biden but THE Union. Our blessed country is under attack, not from our global enemies or terrorists but our own government. The Democrat Party, which should be renamed the Socialist Party, is hell-bent on seizing their current power to destroy America as we know it.

Biden railed on and on about everything the government would be doing for the country in the future. What he was describing was a pure Nanny State. Jobs, healthcare, education, day-care, senior care all paid for by the government and funded by taxing the rich. What will happen when the rich run out of money or when we run out of rich people as they take their money and flee?

Billions, and trillions, of dollars, were being thrown about last night as he outlined his Family Bill and Jobs Bill and Energy Bill. I got confused as all the bills started to run together as the register kept track of the tab. He had the audacity to say that all of these programs will be funded and not impact the National Debt. Obviously not a mathematician but also not a very effective leader over the last half-century. He kept referring to the inability of the government to solve many issues in the past. He is the past. It is his generation of politicians that have failed us by kicking big problems down the road. Now he has the answers and when he turned to the Vice President and announced that Harris would be in charge of getting these programs through Congress that I threw up my arms. Is she going to give these programs the same effort she is giving the crisis at the Border? If so, we have no problem as these initiatives will never get off the ground.

Biden inherited a Pandemic to get us through but to listen to him; the entire country was in crisis mode. He was taking credit for bringing the vaccine to the American people, resurrecting the economy, and getting us moving again. Biden gave no credit to President Trump for getting these going in the last year and building the momentum that he is enjoying.

The most disturbing of last night’s visions was of everyone in that chamber being distanced and masked. A confusing and harmful message for all when pushing the vaccine and touting we are nearly out of the grips of COVID. Every person in the room is fully vaccinated. The Congressional Chamber should have been full if we wanted to give America a positive message. The fact that two women were sitting behind the President for an address to Congress should have been a historic moment. It will be forever captured in pictures as two women wearing large facial masks. In twenty years, nobody will remember who they were.

Joe Biden did the country no favors last night. He killed the need for incentives, destroyed the thought that capitalism and private industry will grow our economy but built up the Progressive thought that the Government and Trade Unions will take care of us all. As AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders beamed, I shut off the show. There is no unity. Two tracks are going forward, and they will never meet. On which one do you want to be traveling?

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