Laptops Don’t Lie…The Bidens Do

Ray Cardello. April 7, 2021

Can there be any more of a fiasco and a sorry excuse for a man than Hunter Biden and his elusive laptop. Hunter is on a media blitz to promote his new book, that I will not drop the name of here. He is hitting all of the liberal media outlets pleading ignorance, stupidity and drunken, drug induced haze for not being able to shed light on “Laptop Gate”. He is playing the victim of his own addictions and the media is lapping it up…..good puppies that they are.

Let us not judge the sorry individual who stands to make serious money for writing a tell some, not a tell all, book about his life of addiction and irresponsibility. He sits through countless interviews claiming he has no concrete recollection of whether the laptop is his or not. It’s pathetic. He claims it could be, could not be, could have been hacked or…..wait for it…..could be Russian misinformation. Will these Bidens ever stop with the BS? Can they ever just tell the truth and take accountability……NO…..ain’t gonna happen.

How ridiculously stupid is the American public to spend a dime on this clown’s book? He has used his family name to make millions from the Ukraines and the Chinese. He brags about it and admits if his last name was not Biden he would have no marketability. After raking in serious money from Burisma, a Ukraine oil company, and the Chinese government, he writes a book, goes on talk shows and says that these fours years are a blur and then people buy his book. Sorry, there is no hope for this country.

What is the matter with people in this country? The Main Stream Media buried this story during the elections and now Hunter is creating another pay day. Had this story found the light of day, Donald Trump may be serving his second term. Instead, we have Joe Biden, a man with declining mental capacity in the White House. This is such a country of sheep and they were all herded to the polls to put Biden / Harris in charge for the next four years. We got what we deserved. The American voters bought the narrative that Joe Biden was the unifier that we needed after four years of Trump. That Joe Biden, the moderate, would get us back on the straight path to the future. What we got was an old angry man who hates this country and is willing to let the Progressive Left pull him so far out of the center that even Joe Biden cannot recognize himself. Three months in and we already know we are screwed. Three months in and Hunter knows it doesn’t matter what he divulges, the American public is gullible and willing to follow anyone whose name is not Trump.

This is a sad story. It is a sad drama and the hardest part to swallow is instead of Hunter Biden and his father, the President, paying for their sins, they are doing talk shows and writing / selling books. All at the expense of an American public who does not want to hear the truth when a bad storyline is more fun to listen to.

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  1. This was good reading Ray, might have been better if I had smoked some Parmesan cheese first though ?