A Study in Frustration and Ineptitude

By Ray Cardello for October 22, 2021 Season 6 / Post 32

I watched the House Judiciary Committee today and the testimony of Attorney General Merrick Garland. I cannot tell you why Garland appeared before this committee, as every member seemed to have a different agenda and asked questions on a different topic. Hopefully, this hearing was not an example of how the House and our Government works, but I am afraid that is the reality. There were a few takeaways that were obvious from each side of the room. The Left is still obsessed with Donald Trump and wants him indicted and tried for crimes he may have committed while in office. There is an obvious motivation for this, and that is to keep him off the 2024 Presidential Ballot. They hate him, but they fear him.

The Right showed their frustration for the Biden Administration and the Justice Department on many fronts, from the claim of Americans being Domestic Terrorists to the Border Situation to the weaponizing of the IRS to spy on the spending habits of Americans. Take your pick on which of these is the most egregious. Before we get into specifics, let’s look at some of the characters in today’s skit.

Jerome Nadler- the only thing he can control in a hearing room is the time clock. Whenever a challenge or objection arises, he rarely rules using actual rules to back his decision. He is holding the gavel because he has had the people of New York hoodwinked into returning him to Congress every two years.

Jim Jordan- a Rock Star. There is no way I would want to go head to head against the Orion Congressman. He has the facts, knows the players, and is so quick on his feet you cannot outwit him.

Eric Swalwell- this guy is rich. He uses his time to argue for the Justice Department to go after Trump for past sins. This guy sits here looking to take down a former President when he was sleeping with a Chinese Spy. He helped her flee the country when he knew the FBI was coming for her.

David N. Cicilline- a tough guy from Rhode Island. Whenever he speaks in front of a camera, he should go directly to Anger Management Anonymous. It is difficult to understand his point with the delivery so angry.

Merrick Garland-unprepared. He gets just one word. As he was fumbling through his attempts to answer questions, I kept thinking he had been nominated for the Supreme Court by Barack Obama. I believe the country dodged a bullet that his nomination never came to fruition.

Then there were the various topics from hate crimes against minorities, the border and immigration, violence in big cities, indicting Donald Trump, investigating Hunter Biden’s Art enterprise, to the rape of a high school girl by a transgender boy. It was amazing how little knowledge of any of the topics Garland had in hand. The most surprising to me was the alleged rape in Loudoun County. This case has been in the news for two weeks now and is the basis of the letter sent to Biden and Garland by the National School Board Association. Garland admitted that he had the letter to Biden and the FBI drafted solely on the request from the NSBA and articles they referred Garland to read. There was no research, no seeking of historical data, just a letter to the AG. His story holds no water. This initiative to involve the FBI in silencing parents upset about Mask Mandates and Critical Race Theory in their children’s schools is a cooperative effort of the NSBA, Joe Biden, and Merrick Garland. This joint effort is but another broken promise for Biden, who said he would never be involved in the workings of the Justice Department. What a shock.