Alec Baldwin Has PTSD…Really?

By Ray Cardello for November 1, 2021 Season 6 / Post 42

For the last week, we have listened to reports, opinions, and speculation about the shooting and death on the set of the movie Rust. As a gun owner, I cannot call this unfortunate event an accident. When an innocent person is killed by someone pulling the trigger of a loaded gun, it is not an accident. The gun is not responsible. The person who shot the gun is ultimately responsible. When you have a gun in your hand, you are accountable for that gun, period.

I was listening to the latest report today, and I was flabbergasted. The report included comments from Alec Baldwin’s wife. She claimed that her husband was suffering from PTSD and had difficulty processing what happened to him when he shot the gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the movie Rust. 

Alec Baldwin did not have something happen to him. Alec Baldwin is not the victim here. PTSD is typically associated with someone dealing with their experience in combat. To claim Baldwin has PTSD is to minimize the meaning of PTSD. I am sure that Baldwin is traumatized by his involvement in the death of Halyna and the injuring of the movie’s director, Joel Souza. After all, he did pull the trigger.

As this story has evolved, it sounds like it was not if a tragedy would happen, but when. From the complaints and walkouts by the crew about safety on the New Mexico set, to poor handling of the prop gun, to the mixing of live ammo and dummy bullets, many factors led to the fatal incident. I do not wish bad on anyone, but I genuinely hope there will be justice based on the facts without preferential treatment.

The irony in this scenario is how outspoken Alec Baldwin is against the Second Amendment and legal gun owners. Like most Liberals, he would just as soon see all guns confiscated. Apparently, Baldwin and his crew on Rust could have used some of the safety attitude and gun training that most legal gun owners have. Instead, they had an Armorer who had little experience, and her primary skill set was being the daughter of a seasoned, experienced, and well-respected Armorer. The crew also used the prop gun used on set to shoot tin cans with live ammo. There was little respect given to the prop gun as a dangerous weapon.

The “prop” was handed to Baldwin, and the verbal call of “Cold gun” was yelled out. This declaration meant the gun was loaded with dummy rounds. The weapon was not checked. Baldwin took the gun, broke the cardinal rule, and did not verify the rounds in a gun he was just handed. That was to be a fatal mistake. Believing he had a cold prop, Baldwin squeezed the trigger and shot two people, killing one.

The facts of the incident appear to be consistent with official reports. Nobody has been charged at this time, but the authorities in New Mexico continue to claim all options are on the table. If the people involved were not Hollywood celebrities, we would know little of this unfortunate incident, but we have the contrary in this case. We are getting daily updates even if, like today, it is comments that Baldwin’s wife should have been kept to herself. The need to fill 24/7 news programming and the morbid curiosity of many means we hear and see it all, significant or not.

We can only hope that the legal system is allowed to do its job. The truth must be uncovered, and the person or persons responsible must answer for the death of a young, innocent woman. A woman would be alive today if people had been appropriately trained, the guns and ammo given the respect deserved, and the rules followed. This story will be resolved soon and move off the front page. Americans have a short attention span, and something will happen to fill the void. Let’s hope it is something positive, and everyone involved lives to discuss it.

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