America First or America is Back

By Ray Cardello for June 15, 2021 Season 1 / Post 150

During the four years of the Trump administration, we not only saw a significant increase in the Stock Markets, the largest increase in personal income, a drop in unemployment, a reduction in illegal immigration, and a decrease in the number of violent crimes.

We saw our country become energy independent for the first time in our history. We saw the replacement of NAFTA with the United States-Canada-Mexico Trade Agreement. We witnessed China imports reduced through tariffs and the threat of attack from North Korea in check. We pulled out of the ineffective Paris Climate Treaty and NATO countries paying their fair share in operating costs. Iran was held in limbo by the cancellation of the Iran Nuclear Treaty. There was a new respect for the United States President that we may not have seen since Reagan. The America First philosophy of Donald Trump was working to bring the United States back to the pinnacle of respect by other countries on earth.

The wages for Brown and Black citizens showed the most significant increase in our history and simultaneously the lowest unemployment numbers for the same groups. With the number of Black and Brown votes for Trump in 2020, we saw a bridge between segments of our country rather than the racism that Democrats claimed.

The America First philosophy of Donald Trump made us stronger at home and more respected abroad. We had not been in such a good place since Reagan. It was a nightmare for the Democrats, who were focused on impugning and impeaching Donald Trump since he descended the escalator to announce his run for the White House.

The Military was upgraded, and the Court was turned Conservative with the death of RBG and the appointment of Amy Coney Barret to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Upon his election, Joe Biden denounced America First thinking of Trump and set about signing executive orders on his first day in office to eradicate America First and replace it with his initiative. America is Back was born.

America is Back is a throwback to the thinking of Barack Obama. It did not work for Obama for eight years, and there is no reason to believe Joe Biden will have any better success. Joe Biden is erasing all of the gains of Donald Trump. Inflation is on a sharp rise. The Southern Border is bleeding illegal Immigrants to the tune of 200,000 per week.

We are going to have to deal with Biden until 2024. We are staffed and ready to bring fresh faces to elections in 2022 and 2024. It has been said that America is so strong that it can withstand any attack, internal or external. This Biden Administration and the Democrat majority in Congress may pose the most significant challenge ever to the future status of America.

Whether it is the Radical Left or Barack Obama calling the shots, the Biden / Harris team is feckless. We are being dragged back to the feeble results of Obama / Biden years. Inflation is out of control. With the shutdown of the Keystone XL Pipeline, we will soon be dependent on foreign oil. Unemployment is rising, and new employment numbers are lagging. Harris is failing miserably with all of the projects Biden has charged her with, and with Biden at the G-7 this week and meeting with Putin next week, he is in the spotlight. He will be no match for any of the foreign leaders he will contact in these two weeks. America is Back may need to be rebranded to America is Falling Back.

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