Biden Promised Normal, This Isn’t Normal

By Ray Cardello for May 18, 2022          Season 10 / Post 42

Maybe this is normal. After all, normal is a relative term, so maybe to Joe Biden and his incompetent team, we are precisely where they want us to be. If that is the case, eighty-one million people were sold a bill of goods, and the rest of us can say we told you so. That is not a good consolation for the country’s dismal state after fifteen months of Joe Biden.
We have the worst inflation in decades, and the 8.5% published rate by the government is a bogus number. Since it does not include the impact of Food or Energy costs, why is it even posted? It is a false and useless number masking today’s much more significant issue. Some estimates put the actual inflation number at 25-30% if all commodity categories are included.
Biden had pledged no new taxes on the low income and middle class, but the inflation he created is the cruelest tax and most impacts the low-income tier. The rich can absorb the $5.00 cost of a gallon of gas, but the $75.00 tank of gas may mean less food on the table for low-income Americans. The ripple effect inflation will cause on modified vacation and travel plans are yet to be seen. After two years of COVID, a summer locked down by inflation is the last thing the country needs.
We are getting closer to the Red Tsunami, and the Dems are running out of time to turn things around. Biden and the Radical Left hope that the Abortion controversy will bring support for Democrat candidates in November. Still, the cost of inflation to the average family will make them forget who Roe or Wade was. Biden urged Democrats to assume their campaign status this week. He should have encouraged his staff to produce something of a positive impact. They are not capable of meeting that goal.
We need to go no further than the top two spots to see the magnitude of our problem. Joe Biden is rarely let out on his own, and every time he goes off prompter, we see why. Today, he was in Buffalo to pay his respects to Saturday’s mass shooting victims. First, he and the First Lady are alone on the stage with COVID masks covering their faces. Such a show of weakness for a country that craves strength.
He then goes on to compare Buffalo to Scranton. You would think he would let that go, but he still feels some mileage is left in Joe from Scranton. He is wrong. Then he tries to quote his parents and blows the line. All he had to do was read the darn thing.
Kamala was sent to the memorial of the recently deceased leader of the UAE. She addresses the media and blows her message. Another daily special of Word Salad from our VP. Sad, she can do nothing right. Kamala Harris had the opportunity to seize the moment. She is the first Black female  Vice President who could have set the bar for young girls everywhere. Instead, she has disappointed all except for those of us who felt she was a charlatan. With a  charlatan VP and a deficient mental acuity President does not a country thrive. But that is what we have.

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