Biden’s Immigration “Policy”???

This is not funny. His policies are dangerous.

I realize that Joe Biden has one task that he is lazer focussed on and that is to overturn every decision that Donald Trump made in the last four years. In other words, if he had his way, we would simply erase the last four years and begin where the Obama years left off.

This is such a difficult subject to tackle in a Blog. There is so much negatively done to our immigration system and border security in a few short weeks that it is not hyperbole to say that Biden has put his pen to Executive Orders that have damaged the safety and health of the American people. Joe Biden does not have an immigration policy, he has a border less America policy. Let’s take a look at just some of the actions:

  1. Stopped all construction of the Border Wall with Mexico and put a stop to any future funds being directed towards construction.
  2. Has put all would be illegal immigrants on notice that there would be no action taken on them in the first hundred days of his administration.
  3. Has opened up tent cities in Texas to replace the detention cages installed by Obama / Biden
  4. Illegal immigrants are being let into this country without any check on their current COVID-19 situation. No checking of records and no testing.
  5. He is releasing any detained illegals being held in this country for non-felony offenses. In his opinion, DUI is a non-felony. Not sure those who have lost family members to drunk driving illegals feel the same.
  6. Over 25,000 asylum seekers being held in Mexico under an agreement with the Trump administration have been released and now have free access to the United States.
  7. He has not disbanded ICE officially but all arresting and enforcement duties have been suspended…..in effect they are moot.

All of this, and there is more such as federal funds for funerals of COVID victims may be extended to illegals. Healthcare, including vaccinations, may be given to illegals. And this is when our own citizens are all living under some level of house arrest. Our schools are not open. Our restaurants are not open. Our free travel is not open. Our masks are still on and may be doubled soon. Many have not visited with loved ones in over a year but our border is open. The caravans are coming, the wall is open, $15 minimum wage is waiting and the pot of gold is real and it is called America.

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