Break Them Up, or Make Them a Tool

By Ray Cardello for September 21 Season 6 / Post 1

Democrats have been changing their views so often that their talking points are written in pencil. A few months ago, we had video proof of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Jen Psaki proclaiming there would never be vaccine mandates. They said it was not within the power of or the role of the Federal Government to mandate health issues. Now, all of them are looking for new ways to expand their vaccine mandates. This flip flop is not a case of responding to the current polling data. This change of direction is part of a tremendous effort to gain power and control over the American populace.

These Democrats, who claim to be the party of the people, have morphed into the party above the people. They use this power to repress their followers, keeping them in constant need of the government to exist. In this case, the government is the Democrat Party. This explains why in cities like Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles that are falling into the abyss of former great cities, voters continue to re-elect Democrats. These voters are buying into the lie that they need these Democrats to protect and provide for them. It is a dependency of the highest level.

Mask Mandates, Vaccine Mandates, and travel bans are some tools that Democrats use for control. They were against them, but now they eagerly use them. Social Media is another front that the Democrats have pivoted on. Not so long ago, Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Adam Schiff called for the government to step in and break up Facebook, Twitter, and Google. These calls were when Donald Trump used Social Media to circumvent the Main Stream Media to get his message out. Now that Trump is suspended, or expelled, from these platforms, the Dems have reversed course. They now use these platforms as one of their tools of power.

Elizabeth Warren was one of the loudest critics of the Social Media giants and moved to break them up. Now she is one of the elites that is a member of the “Cross Checked” users. This select group is exempt from the platform algorithms and will not be censored. They have free reign to say anything they like, and it will go directly from their keypad to their followers. In addition to being free of censorship, Warren can now call on Facebook to target and censor members Warren sees as obstacles to her message.

In May of this year, Warren said that Facebook’s decision to uphold its ban on former President Donald Trump’s account further exhibits Big Tech has too much power and needs to be broken up. Now she is urging Facebook to censor posts that are negative to the vaccine program. She wants to make Facebook complicit in her plan but break them up at the same time. Talk about playing both sides against the middle. Politicians like Warren have become so brazen they do not even disguise their intentions. Their transparency adds to their power. This is what I am going to do, and nobody can stop me. Rules are not for me is their new mantra.

This past week, Instagram, a subsidiary of Facebook, came under scrutiny when a whistleblower came forward and spoke publically about data held by Instagram and Facebook. The whistleblower has evidence that Facebook was aware of this data and chose to do nothing to mitigate the situation. This data backs up the concern that Instagram is marketing itself to young women and girls. The interaction these females are having is harmful at best and contributing to childhood suicide at worst. Congress may be calling Zuckerberg back in to address these new allegations. But do we need Congress involved?

First, Facebook, Twitter, and Google have all been to the Capitol on many occasions. They testify, Congress puts on a show, and nothing changes. It is time for the people, for the free market, to take things into their own hands. These social media platforms have transformed our lives. We have allowed them to replace face-to-face relationships. We have allowed them to harm our children. When do we say enough? When do we take back control of our lives?

The only way to make a dent in the power these platforms have on our lives is to pull the plug on them. This action is not a call for a boycott but a call to make better choices. Choices that are good for us and good for our children. It seems like a pretty easy solution. Many of us have lost relationships with friends and family over Facebook. Maybe now is the time to break off our relationship with social media.