Can Hunter Biden Sink Deeper Into Black Hole

By Ray Cardello for November 29, 2023, Season 23 / Post 36

Nobody can say Hunter Biden doesn’t see himself above all others. Being the son of Joe Biden, he learned early on that he was one of the elites in America and rules do not apply to that group. Hunter Biden has been a self-proclaimed porn star, pop artist, and chief financial officer of the Biden Family Cartel. CFO may not be totally accurate as Hunter was the front man who shook down foreign companies, officials, and governments for money in exchange for access to his Vice President, now President, father. Hunter had one of his Dad’s puppets in his corner protecting the First Son, but that puppet has been forced to the center of the ring. Special counsel David Weiss leveled a nine-count indictment against Hunter Biden late Thursday, accusing President Joe Biden’s son of failing to pay $1.4 million in taxes from 2016 to 2020.

There is so much to this story that is not in the headline. The period that Hunter failed to file with the IRS goes back to 2014, but due to Weiss dragging his feet, the statute of limitations has run out on the sins of those earlier years. Coincidentally, those earlier years are when Joe was the Vice President. Weiss did his job well, not for the American people, but for the Biden family by ensuring the information from this period never hits the light of day. Hunter’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, caused many to scratch their heads when he claimed that Hunter was charged solely because he is a Biden. Most people with minimal insight see the special treatment Hunter received by delaying action on these charges for five years. If his name were not Biden, he would be in prison serving his sentence. Attorney Lowell got the message on Biden Communications: lie, lie again, and end your lie with “That’s a fact.” It is that last part that makes everything so believable. People are beginning to see through the smoke.

The glitch in the Biden Administration’s handling of Hunter’s felonious crimes was the IRS Whistle Blowers. These two gentlemen came before Congress, at dire penalties to their careers, exposed the delay tactics of David Weiss, and crushed the plea deal Weiss tried to ram through the system. They stood their ground in front of a barrage from the Democrat members of the committee, and their conviction was absolute. They were not going to let the injustice they witnessed go unchecked. Weiss had no choice but to act quickly to bring indictments against Hunter Biden in Los Angeles. This trial will take place next year while Joe is trying to win a second term and continue the era of Biden Corruption in D.C.

This action by Weiss comes on the heels of Hunter being subpoenaed to appear in front of a House Committee, and he is to appear next week or face possible contempt charges.

Hunter displayed a higher level of hubris by offering to testify in front of the House Ways and Means Committee regarding his role in the Biden Family money laundering scheme. The problem is that Hunter had already been served a subpoena to testify, so he really did not have an option. He was subpoenaed for a closed-door meeting. He has offered to testify in a public hearing. Hunter loves the bright lights and thinks the truth will be buried in a closed hearing. He will probably negotiate for a primetime made-for-TV hearing.

Getting into Hunter Biden’s head is a scary thought. It is challenging to uncover his motive for pushing for a public hearing. There does not appear to be an upside, but he has a history of airing his sins on primetime, as he did a 60 Minutes interview to discuss his Pornhub videos, womanizing, and drug use. He is banking on the format of a public hearing being easier to manipulate. Jordan and Comer will have no part in his offer. He can have his public hearing after the private deposition and the release of the transcripts to the public. Hunter may have directed his porn videos, but he is only the star of this show. Comer and Jordan will be calling the shots, and Hunter will keep his clothes on, but hopefully, his story will be stripped naked.

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