Can It Get More Shallow? Kamala Stays Or Lose The Black Vote

By Ray Cardello for September 23, 2023, Season 22 / Post 10

The strength of your character is far less important than the color of your skin. That is the belief of the Democrat Party, and for a group of people who love to apply labels, you are a flaming bunch of racists. The Democrats, specifically the Progressives, know this election is slipping away. The Biden policies are failing the American people, and the polls continue to point toward a disastrous 2024. If people are neutral about his policies, most voters know that Biden is unfit for office today, and the numbers grow when looking at a Biden reelection bid. As bad as Biden’s numbers are, Kamala’s are even worse. What do you do when facing a situation stacked against you and there is no chance of turning it in your favor? You pull out the race card, and in this case, you threaten the DNC that you will forfeit the Black vote if you remove Kamala Harris from the 2024 ballot. The irony of this threat is the Democrats may have already lost the Brown and Black votes. Black and Hispanic votes have always been considered automatic for the Democrats. That is no longer the case, as people of color have opened their eyes and seen how Democrat policies are hurting them and their children.

This new thinking may have been triggered by COVID and the Summer of “Love.” The isolation, exposure to the damage caused by the Education System, the rioting, and the destruction of inner cities hurt people of color the most. The disaster at the Border is also having the most significant impact on inner cities. Thousands of illegals moving into major cities across the country are impacting housing, wages, social services, drugs, crime, and overcrowded schools. So many people are spreading throughout the country that the impact is flowing into the suburbs. No city or town is exempt. And all caused by the intentional destruction of our Border by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We have been watching this destruction of our country for three years, and it is not the result of bad policies but policies designed to take down this great land intentionally.

We have been alarmed to watch the impacts at home and abroad by this bumbling President. Still, with each passing day, we can see with our own eyes the irreparable damage inflicted on America and Americans. It has taken three years, but the Progressive mainstream media has finally awakened and is calling out Joe Biden for his inept handling of his job. CNN and MSNBC are now covering events detrimental to the Administration, such as Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appearance this week before Congress. The questioning was divided, with Republicans attacking the AG and the President for using the Justice Department to shelter Hunter and Joe Biden’s illegal money laundering scheme. The Democrats defended the AG and praised the President’s work, but to the objective observer, the facts spoke for themselves. Jim Jordan and those on the Right are mounting an unquestionable case that our President is corrupt and using his office and all its trappings to collect millions from our foes worldwide,

We cannot wait for the election to remove Biden and Harris. The damage will be too significant and irreversible. Biden is not only fulfilling the promise of Barack Obama to transform our country but to destroy it, and he is acting without the consent of Congress and in defiance of the Supreme Court. There are not three equal branches of government today, but someone must step up and stop this President and his actions. This mess created by Biden is not about Race or even Climate Change, and to call it so is a distraction. The Progressives are trying to use the Race card, but they have drawn the Joker, and the dealer is not smiling. Congress has to grow a spine and say enough, and we must push them to do so.

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  1. The quality of character is meaningless in American society. What is the highest quality is the color of your skin, your previous nationality, your sexual preference and how you define your fender. Character, morals and abilities are immaterial.