Cannot Win the Game, Change the Rules

By Ray Cardello for July 1, 2022 Season 11 / Post 35

I recently wrote that if things do not go the way Democrats would like, they will tear down the process. I wrote at the time that the likes of Cortez (formerly AOC) and Elizabeth Warren went on the record to say that the Supreme Court should be eliminated and the Democrats should pack the Court with more Justices, respectively. These irrational comments were in response to the Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade.

The Party line has since gotten even more radical in the last few days as President Joe Biden has bent both knees to the Far-Left faction of the Party and reversed his stand on the Senate Filibuster. Biden spoke Thursday while in Europe about the Court’s decision on abortion and was totally out of line and non-presidential.

Biden tore into the Supreme Court for many of its recent decisions, questioned the Court’s legitimacy, and continued to refer to it as a MAGA Court. This reference to a MAGA Court is a shot at the three Justices placed on the Court by Donald Trump. Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barret have definitely put their stamp on this current Court as Originalist or Conservative. The Left cannot tolerate a Court with strict adherence to the Constitution.

It is traditional for a sitting President never to disparage either of the other branches of government. For him to criticize and mock the Court is bad political form and beneath his office. It is not below Joe Biden. His approval ratings, now solidly in the thirties, have lowered the bar on the position of the United States President, and his recent comments have damaged it further.

Biden went on to call for Congress to pass a bill legalizing abortion on a Federal level. He also called for the elimination of the Senate Filibuster to pass such a bill. There is a consistency in these two demands that speaks volumes about the lack of conviction in Joe Biden’s beliefs. You do not have to go very far back in history, something Democrats despise, to find Joe Biden as Pro-Life and a supporter of the Senate Filibuster.

Joe Biden is a spineless politician who will say whatever it takes to win favor with a particular group of people or his Party. You only have to look at his comments to Black voters in 2020 when he told them, “you ain’t Black if you don’t vote Democrat,” and “the Republicans want to put you back in chains.” Biden also claims to be a devout Catholic, which is at odds with his current Pro-Choice stance.

Biden knows he does not have the votes to pass an abortion bill or eliminate the Filibuster, but this is what the Radical Left wants to hear. Biden is in a fight for his political future and legacy and hears the comments from his Party that he should not run for re-election in 2024. Even Hillary is making noise like she may primary Biden should he decide to run.

He needs to muster support from his base, and that is exactly what he was trying to do this week. It is not working, and neither is his Presidency. If anything, we are probably on the countdown to Biden saving face and announcing that he will not seek a second term. That announcement should come right after the Red Tsunami blows up the Democrat Party in November. Not even FEMA will be able to help him then.

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