CDC is Not About the Science

By Ray Cardello for May 6, 2021 Season 1 /. Post 110

How can we continue to rely on CDC guidance as we continue to escape the grip of the COVID-19 Pandemic? As they preach that all of their decisions are science-based, they solicit over 50 organizations for input before publishing their recommendations on fully opening schools. No, that is not science-based but politically and consensus-based.

During the Tuesday White House briefing, Jen Psaki claimed it is a long-standing policy for the CDC to consult public organizations before issuing their directives. Unfortunately, this policy can only be three months old. Kayleigh McEnany told the panel on Outnumbered (FOX) on Wednesday that this did not happen under the Trump administration. McEnany and Dana Perino, former Press Secretaries for Trump and Bush, both debunked Psaki’s claim. The problem is from Psaki’s lips to the MSM nightly programs with no questions asked.

When asked who the fifty organizations were who the CDC consulted, Psaki said she could not list all 50 but rattled off a few: American Federation of Teachers, YMCA, National Governor’s Association, Autism Speaks, Council of Great City Schools were a few that Psaki highlighted. I am sure all of the fine organizations are beneficial to society, but who cares what they think. When we are supposed to be relying on the CDC for scientific-based decisions, what did the Governor’s Association have to add to the conversation? Nothing.

It is very concerning that an entity so crucial as the CDC is so dysfunctional. Don’t wear a mask; wear a mask. Stay six feet apart; three feet apart. Clean all surfaces: the virus cannot be contracted from surface contact. Close the schools; open the schools. The list goes on. This Pandemic has been a learning curve for us, but it should not have been for the scientists. They needed to rely on the facts, but instead, they consulted the YMCA! That is bad enough, but then the President’s Press Secretary lies about it to make it more palatable,

This organization needs to step up. Dr. Fauci needs to get off the interview circuit where the lights and camera are stroking his ego. The Director needs to be replaced by someone who can instill confidence. The CDC needs to divorce themselves from the AFT, YMCA, NGA, and any other group that does not speak science. They have polluted the system and the process. They have turned science into politics. They have destroyed their credibility with the American public. They have set this whole thing into we versus them, and for us, nobody wins.

They can make up for their sins. They can start speaking the truth. They can stop this deceitful campaign to guilt the entire population into getting a needle in their arm to secure their freedom from our government’s restrictions. They can sever their ties with the Teacher’s Union and speak for the children. They can take off the masks and let America smile again. They can let us put this Pandemic in our past and let us enjoy the present. They can make social distance a term that has no meaning in today’s world. They can make people forget what CDC even does. Then they have done their jobs. Then they can be proud of a job well done.

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