CDC……Scientists or Police?

Our protection from diseases know and yet undiscovered

The CDC, The Center For Disease Control and Prevention, should be an integral component in our war against COVID-19. The staff of the CDC should be concentrating 24/7 on the virus, its various mutations and what we need to do as a people to protect ourselves and others from the spread of this nasty plague that has gripped us for nearly a year and how to ensure we have the tools to prevent the continued havoc being wrought by this attack from China. Per their own mission statement, they are a research and informational tool for the government.

The CDC Mission Statement: To promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability. CDC’s mission statement succinctly states how the agency approaches its responsibilities as the nation’s prevention agency.

So how and when did this research arm of the HHS Department begin being a regulatory and enforcement agency that is acting like they are an armed team working under Homeland Security? When did suggestions become mandates? When did a team of scientists morph from telling us what we should do to stay healthy to become an unarmed militia that decides whether we are guilty of civil or criminal penalty if we do not heed their “advice”? I guess part of the answer is they saw an opportunity to assume a new roll when the world was under lockdown. The second part of the answer is….WE let them!

We surrendered many of our rights during this Pandemic. We gave up our right to worship, we gave up our right to free assembly, we have even given up our right to free speech. Now we are giving up our right to free think. Do what we say or pay the consequences.

We have to start fighting back. We have to regain our country, our Republic. We need to say enough. We know the death toll of COVID-19, or at least the number we are being told. What is yet to be counted is the lost and broken lives as a result of the suggestions, the mandates, by the CDC and the various Mayors, Selectmen, Governors and yes the President as they take to the air or internet to tell us they are our best friend and they will lead us through this emergency. Sorry but I have little faith in these people and their insight. They all point to The Science but which Science is that? The one that said masks are not useful but now mandate them. The ones that said open the schools,,,,no, close the schools. The ones that said outdoor dining was bad, then good, then bad again. How about the genius who said open the restaurants in California for outdoor dining but no watching TV……WHAT!

I have faith we will get through this but not because of our political leaders but rather in spite of them. All we can do is take care of ourselves, our loved ones, keep our heads focused and stay positive that their is normalcy down the road and it is not disguised with a mask. Then let’s focus on regaining our rights and vow never to let them slip away again.

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