CEO Wanted. Intelligence and Backbone Not Required

Ray Cardello April 3, 2021

The CEOs of Coke and Delta, both home based in Georgia, came out Wednesday with strong comments as to why the newly signed Georgia Voting Law was wrong for Georgia and wrong for their companies and employees. James Quincey of The Coca-Cola Company and Ed Bastian of Delta Air Lines will regret they ever chimed in on this political war. There is no upside for corporations to get involved in politics. The problem is that their comments show how lazy these two executives are by them not even reading the law before they opened their mouths. These two woke and weak “leaders” are cowtailing to pressure from the left to allow their companies to be used as pawns in a false media campaign to shed a dark shadow on a good law. They are weak and should be replaced by their boards before they do serious damage to their companies. Pressure, including agreement from Joe Biden, is coming down on other sport entities such as MLB to move this year’s All Star Game away from Atlanta and the PGA to move the Master’s Tournament out of Augusta. This tactic is just another tool being used by the Democrats to supplement their grip on the media. If they spent as much time on the truth and good legislation as they do the dissemination of misinformation, we would all be in a better place with probably a smaller divide between parties.

This new law signed be Governor Kemp is actually an improvement to Georgia’s voting practices and increases the accessibility for registered voters to cast their vote. Unfortunately, the Democrats are misinforming people on specifics of the law and even Joe Biden is invoking the “Jim Crow on steroids” label. Total hyperbole and his facts totally wrong. His own personal newspaper, the left leaning Washington Post, gave him 4 Pinocchios, their worst rating.

President Biden was awarded 4 Pinocchios for his

comments about the Georgia law.

Two things are bothering the Democrats about this law and the process. The law reinforces the requirement for Voter IDs to cast a vote. The Dems are perfectly okay with Vaccine Passports but don’t even suggest a voter ID lest you be labeled a racist and backer of Jim Crow. It is so bogus. The other issue is any state that gets proactive to solidify state control of elections as spelled out in the Constitution, but it is specifically these state’s rights that the Dems want to strip by passing H.R. 1 that will federalize the voting process for all 50 states. They cannot tell you that so they must simply lie about the law.

Let’s look at some of the facts that are being distorted from Biden to Psaki to Clyburn and every Democrat down the chain!

1. Voters will be able to vote by Absentee ballot with no excuse.

2. Large precincts will be required to add voting machines and personnel to speed the voting process

3. Early voting days are increased to add two Saturdays and the option for two Sundays for all localities

4. Voter ID Requirements (Supported by 74% of Georgia voters including 63% of black voters) simply call for a driver’s license or FREE state ID number

5. Drop Boxes never utilized before the pandemic are preserved and will be available in every county at early voting sites

6. Drinking water is not banned but CANNOT be distributed at the polls by groups advocating for votes

This is not Jim Crow on steroids or a law aimed at curbing the voting numbers. It is exactly the opposite with a longer voting period and easier access to various methods of voting, it does what everyone wants….to encourage REGISTERED VOTERS to get out and vote.

Mr. President, stop embarrassing yourself by blatantly lying. Your blunders are bad enough but actually distorting the truth is below your office if not you. Have some respect for the Presidency and the American public. We are not ignorant, we are actually tuned in and will call you at every attempt to deceive us…… Just try us and see.

As for you woke and weak CEOs. Stick to business and unless you are going to throw your hat in the ring, stay out of politics or if you are going to opine, at least read what you are commenting on.

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