C’mon Man, Give Me Five Days

By Ray Cardello for May 2, 2021 * Season 1 * Post #106

Joe Biden reacts to hecklers in Georgia

C’mon man, give me five days! Are you serious, Man? President Joe Biden made this comment as he was addressing supporters in Georgia on Thursday. Biden made the comment in response to a small group of hecklers who were calling for abolishing ICE and the end of the use of private detention facilities. It did not appear that Biden thought about the situation before making his impromptu statement. Most people agree that private detention facilities should be addressed as a part of a complete review of state and federal systems. They should not be closed, and the existing inmates set free. To say that he will address the end of ICE in five days will not happen. This ICE comment was reckless and pandering. Abolishing ICE is tantamount to defunding the Police. Neither should nor can occur as both entities are essential to maintaining civility and security for the country.

Biden got cheers for his going off script and responding to the protesters, but he did not score points with most Americans. Americans overwhelmingly support Police, ICE, and Border Security but recognize that some reform is needed. This reform should involve more training and identifying officers with an agenda that is detrimental to effective policing. There will always be isolated situations that will go south and raise the ire of a specific segment of society. These actions do not nor should not mean that we have Systemic Racism in America.

Systemic Racism is a divisive term used by the Left to keep the battle about Racism alive. Racism is a powerful tool for the Left and a smokescreen for their ineffective policies. There is no more volatile hot-button topic except for maybe Border Security. The problem is that Border Security is a real issue impacting National Security and Racism is a perception.

This comment was senseless and irresponsible. If Biden were in control of his faculties, we might think he did this for the sound bite. In this case, Biden made a statement in reaction to a group of people who were disrupting his rally. They were stealing the attention, and he tried in vain to get it back. His quick, thoughtless remark fueled the situation. Instead of the attention being on Biden’s speech about his Job and Family Bill, it was drawn to Biden’s support of disarming two critical components of our Justice System.

Joe Biden has been in Washington for over fifty years. He is a seasoned politician. His reaction to these hecklers was either a poorly planned event or evidence of Biden losing his edge. Either way, both are unbecoming of a sitting President and show that we are in for bad times ahead. If the latter, we may be dealing with President Kamala Harris sooner than planned, which may be worse than a weak thinking Biden.

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