C’Mon Man, Just Tell the Truth

By Ray Cardello for May, 12, 2021 Season 1 / Post 116

The Biden Administration is starting to show a trend. Their communications team, led by Joe, is feeding the American public a ration of misinformation on nearly every topic of interest. It is as if the Biden team is living in an alternative universe. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode, “Opposite George,” but the Seinfeld episode was funny. There is nothing funny about the tactics of the President’s staff.

Whether they are talking about the Pandemic, CDC Guidelines, the recovery of the economy, employment or unemployment numbers, inflation, the Border Crisis, or the newest issue, the cyber sabotage of the Colonial Pipeline. This last situation has a collection of subplots, all of which are causing hardships, but Biden is downplaying. The security of our energy infrastructure, the shortage of petroleum products on the east coast, and the sharply rising cost of gas at the pumps. None of these situations exist if you ask Joe Biden or Jen Psaki.

Joe Biden promised us the most transparent administration in history. That ship has sailed, and now the fact-checkers are starting to have a field day dissecting every statement emanating from the White House. The Main Stream Medis can continue to play cheerleader and tool of the Biden communication network, but eventually, they will have to go into self-preservation mode. CNN, MSNBC, and all of the network ratings are tanking. Brian Stelter of CNN saw a rare increase in his ratings a couple of weeks ago. Too bad for Brian that he was on vacation the week of the spike. How embarrassing is that?

So why the aversion to the truth. Politicians always say that Americans are tough and resilient. Americans can handle the truth. So why the constant stream of lies? They are right. We can handle the truth but what we cannot tolerate is Politicians who have no solutions. We cannot stand people who reach for a seat of power and then do not resolve to ascertain the issue, formulate a plan and then work the plan to a positive resolution. This bunch in Washington is more like the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

I see a mirror image of four years ago. Results eventually won over people that were not high on Donald Trump and were appalled by his brash personality. We learned to overlook personal deficiencies for the results that were making us a better country were making us great again. In Biden, we have the Anti-Trump. People love Uncle Joe. The visions of him sniffing little girl’s hair or the kids in the pool playing with the floating hair on his leg. They love the man, the monotonous nature of the present leader of the Free World who could not lead a Cub Scout Troop on a Saturday hike.

Sorry folks but the 81.2 million, many of whom were alive when they cast their votes, are getting what they asked for. They got Joe, who works from 10 till 4 Monday through Friday and takes every weekend off. They got Joe, who treats the Presidency like a Union job, punching in late and leaving early. They got Joe, the moderate who is leading us down a crooked road to Socialism. What we have is Carter 2.0, and God help us. We better be looking for a Reagan to pull us out of this abyss in 2024.

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