Conservative Priority List for 2022

By Ray Cardello for January 4, 2021 Season 8 / Post 6

2021 was a dismal year for America but especially for Conservatives. Having Joe and Kamala occupying the White House and being the minority in the House and Senate put Republicans on the defense for the entire year. It was a helpless feeling watching all of the gains we had made in the last four years disappear quicker than anyone could have imagined. Biden came out of the gate with his pen hitting executive orders on day one, which we expected. We were not ready for how far left the radical wing had pushed Joe Biden. Biden campaigned as a moderate. He had always been middle of the road, so we took him at his word. He lied, he changed, and we were duped.

Their plan became apparent as their Infrastructure Bill took shape. The Left was going big and was empowered by their hold on the Executive and Legislative branches. They seized the opportunity to initiate their transformation of America. The Infrastructure Bill was anything but a bill to address roads, bridges, rail, air, and seaport concerns. It was a bill to address equity and diversity in the dark America that only the Left can see. And, of course, climate change and killing the fossil fuel industry were crucial elements.

With the help of Senator Joe Manchin, the country was able to avoid the multi-trillion-dollar Build Back Better bill that would put the Democrat imprint on every aspect of American life from crib to the grave. It also would blow the top off our National Debt. There is little chance of the BBB bill passing in 2022, but the Radical Left is pressuring the President to use the power of his pen to get portions of the bill enacted without a vote.

The first priority for Republicans is to keep the filibuster intact so that BBB and any voting reform bill that may surface from becoming law in 2022. We have to keep a strong defense in play until we can regain control of the House and Senate in 2023.

The next item on our to-do list must be getting inflation under control. The most significant impact at the federal level will be reversing the trend on oil and gas prices and easing the transportation of goods. We need a reduction to 18 for the minimum age for a CDL license. This change would get more truck drivers available to transport the nation’s needs.

Removing Dr. Fauci and Dr. Walensky is needed to expedite the end of the COVID Pandemic. It is becoming apparent that COVID may be with us for a long time, and we need to be able to function at 100% if our economy is ever able to recover fully. We need a more realistic and less restrictive approach to equip this country to live with the risk of COVID.

The next three I link together. The Border, Fentanyl ODs, and runaway crime need to be controlled. Texas is building the wall with state money and needs federal help. Steel panels and electronic surveillance equipment is paid for and rotting in the border states. This stockpile needs to be released so the states that require it can have it. So far, Biden is not allowing anyone to use these materials. The millions who are crossing illegally, the flow of drugs killing young Americas, and the war on crime are connected. We have to get back to respect for our laws and incarceration for those who break them. The police need to be staffed and supported, and we need a justice system that works for the people, not the criminals.

Lastly, we need to recruit conservative candidates who love this country and support our Constitution as written. These people are required from the local to the federal level. We need the right people and the right plan when these elected officials take office in 2023.

It is an aggressive list and a lot of work to be done, but it will take everything we have to reverse the last year and save this republic. We are ready. Let’s get to work.

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