Conservative Resolutions for 2022

By Ray Cardello for December 31, 2021 Season 8 / Post 2

As 2020 came to a close, we took the time to think about how COVID had changed our lives and how we would revert to normal in 2021. Joe Biden was elected in 2020 on the promise he would eradicate COVID. Here we are a year later, and we have another year to look back on and the hope that 2022 will bring us back to normal, whatever that may be. Where will we be a year from now? Will we be reflecting on a year when we regained our freedom and liberties or looking forward to another year of hope?

I see 2022 as a fork in the road. Americans will reach their boiling point and take back this country with action, or the people in power will get the public to call Uncle, and we will discover their end game. We cannot continue to claim we live in a free country and live under the restrictions of the few. Two years is two too many for most people. We want the masks off, stop talking about 90-day boosters, accept the risk, and go about living. What we have been doing for two years is not living.

So here are some resolutions we should be able to get behind for 2022.

Ban the mask: I want to see people’s faces again. I want to see smiles or whatever emotion a person may be feeling at the moment. I have been driving a school bus for two years and have no idea what the kids look like that I shuttle to school and back home.

Get informed:

  1. Get up to speed on the local and state happenings.
  2. Read multiple sources to get opposing views
  3. Find out who is acting in your best interest and support them.
  4. Challenge those who don’t.

Get Involved:

  1. Find out what your local school board is promoting
  2. What is your local government doing with your tax money
  3. Is your statehouse restricting you or letting you live


  1. Support Conservative candidates
  2. Vote…local, state, federal…they are all important

We can no longer be docile participants. We have to become a part of the process. 2022 will be a pivotal year when we save this country (that is not hyperbole) from its march to Socialism, or we retake control and get this great country back on track.

We are the greatest country on earth but only when our people are free from irrational restrictions passed down by power-hungry overzealous bureaucrats who only have themselves in mind. This two-year fiasco has cost us thousands of lives, trillions of dollars, set our childrens’ education back, and destroyed the very foundation of our Republic. Friends and family have been torn apart, and we now live in a country far more dangerous than just two years ago. Inflation and energy prices are out of control, hitting the low and middle-income families the most.

This year is our turn at the plate. We can take a pitch or swing away and take control of our lives. One thing we cannot do is sit here a year from now and reflect on year three of the COVID era. If that happens, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Don’t let that happen. Happy New Year.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com