COVID-19 Panic, Truth & Lies

The man for whom being king would not be enough.

One of the most stressful aspects of this nearly year long pandemic is being able to keep pace with the narratives, to try not to get sucked into the panic that was being used to garner control and to try to ascertain the truth from the lies. Between the politicians who parlayed this crisis to chip away at our God given rights and the lapdog media who rather than dig for the truth would nod their heads in agreement with whatever line they were being fed we have a cast of characters to view as those who orchestrated the biggest coup on the American population without ever having to fire a shot.

There are so many who are guilty in this conspiracy to keep us locked down and to decide who would survive and who would be a victim….with their life or their livelihood. There is one, however, who stands head and shoulders above the rest and because he had placed himself on such a high pedestal, he is now looking at a bigger fall. This pompous individual who took an hour of our day for months preaching to us from on high about how not only New Yorkers should live in this COVID world but how all people should bow to his wisdom. He was touted as a possible step-in for Biden, should the nominee implode before the election. He was praised as the voice of wisdom and strength by virtually every MSM outlet, he was awarded an Emmy for his daily appearances and yes, he even had time to write a book….his own account of what an incredible job he had done and the wonderful person and leader he is. Aren’t we all so lucky to have Governor Cuomo in our lives at our time of need? No, actually we are not and as the truth unfolds and the layers are peeled away, we are not left with a savior but more like an onion and it stinks.

It is all starting to unravel. The NY State AG produced a report today claiming that the nursing home deaths as a result of COVID-19 that had been reported by Governor Andrew Cuomo had been understated by as much as 50%…..not 5, not 10 but 50 %. Instead of 10,000 New Yorkers losing their lives in nursing homes because of the tragic decision of Cuomo to put infected patients in homes with healthy residents may now be as many as 15,000. Governor Cuomo is responsible for these deaths. Maybe not all of them could have been saved if the USNS Comfort sent to New York by President Trump or the military hospital set up at the Javits Center had been used as suggested by Trump but no, Andrew Cuomo knew better…..he wrote a book about it, remember. He contaminated numerous nursing homes and as a result, 15,000 are dead. By the way, Cuomo is also nominated for a Nobel Prize for his great effort this past year. They may want to hold off on that presentation.

There is no question that Cuomo is a terrible Governor. The state is bleeding money, people are leaving the state for better environments like Florida and Texas, the vaccination program is in shambles, over 1500 restaurants have permanently closed in NYC but now add to all of that, the needless deaths of 15,000 of New York’s finest. Will he be held accountable? Probably not. He actually may throw in for President in 2024. Won’t that be just great. He can take his NY expertise and drag down the whole country. That will make a heck of a book.

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