Crime Does Pay, Just Ask Joe

By Ray Cardello for November 6, 2021 Season 6 / Post 47

Can we agree on one simple fact? The people crossing our Southern Border anywhere but at a port of entry commit a federal crime against the United States of America. That is why these people are called illegal aliens by those of us who still believe in the sovereignty of our country. For the last four years during the Trump Presidency, we did all we could to minimize the number of illegal crossings. In contrast, during the previous ten months of the Biden Presidency, we have seen a record number of illegals crossing the border into America.

Estimates show that we have seen at least 1.7 million people breach our border, enter our country, and spread out across every state. That is why some say that under Joe Biden, every state is now a border state. I say at least because that is the number of people apprehended. It is unknown how many cross without detection. Joe Biden plans to reward every illegal who was separated from their family during the Trump years with a payout of $450,000! This plan is not a joke. Illegals have hit the lottery.

The idea of these payments is horrific enough, and a slap to every American taxpayer, but the fact that Joe Biden appeared to be unaware is even worse. Our President has not a clue what is happening in his White House. This beckons the question, who is in charge? It is not President Joe Biden.

The rumors of this plan have circulated for the last ten days. When Peter Doucy asked Biden about this payout yesterday, he denied rumors calling it garbage information. Less than 30 minutes later, the ACLU, Justice Department, and even the Assistant White House Press Secretary confirmed that the payouts were imminent. These payouts are reportedly $450,000 for each person, and supposedly there are 5,000 children and their parent waiting for their check from Joe Biden. That means 10,000 checks at $450,000 or $4.5 BILLION!

Joe Biden denying the program in light of the confirmations means one of two things. Joe Biden is either lying and deceiving the American people or not knowing about the plan. You decide which is worse. The lying would be consistent with his MO recently, but so is his ignorance of policy emanating from the White House. Biden lied to the American public about the advice he received from his military leaders about our exit from Afghanistan. He was not fully aware of the sale of significant military equipment that so upset French President Macron that he pulled some diplomatic staff back from Washington. Now he has lied about huge cash settlements for illegal immigrants. Some say when you lie so often, it gets easy. Biden must be a Master Liar. Americans are catching on to the Biden credibility gap.

So we have a President that is at best working part-time. He has diminished mental capacity. Biden is showing he also does not have the skill set to carry out his duties. He is losing the support of Americans and is now losing the support of the Democrat party. He was brought in to help in Virginia and may have hurt the ticket. He has embarrassed himself on the world stage, and, let’s face it, there is no upside to Joe Biden.

The problem is that he is our President. Right, Left, Progressive, or Conservative, he is ours, and we should be pulling for him to succeed, but there is a problem-maybe call it a root cause-he does not have success in his DNA.