Deal With the Devil and You Get Burned

By Ray Cardello for August 29, 2021 Season 3 / Post 26

For twenty years, groups like the Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and now ISIS-K have been our sworn enemy. Al Qaeda was why we went into Afghanistan as we sought to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. That objective was accomplished on May 2, 2011, when OBL was found and killed, not in Afghanistan but in Pakistan. This week, Joe Biden said that we no longer need to be in Afghanistan since the reason for us no longer existed. Bin Laden was destroyed ten years ago during the Obama and Biden administration. Where was Joe Biden calling for us to get out of Afghanistan back then? Absent as charged.

It is hard to fathom the American military working with the Taliban in Afghanistan and being controlled by this gang of terrorists. The Taliban is controlling the timeline, perimeter, and checkpoints into the airport. Our military has been relegated to crowd control within the airport perimeter. This command setup leads to questions about the Taliban being complicit with the bombings on Thursday. It is a fact that nothing happens within Kabul without knowledge of the Taliban forces. So how did two suicide bombers pass through the checkpoints to kill and injure dozens without the Taliban stopping them? One of many questions that need to be asked but will probably go unanswered.

Joe Biden has put us in this dilemma. Had we kept the 2,500 troops that were in Kabul just two weeks ago, the Afgan army might still be in place, the Taliban not in control, and we would be witnessing a systematic evacuation. Instead, we have been watching the chaos unfold daily. We had been warned of potential attacks by ISIS-K, but we foolishly believed the Taliban could keep them at bay. Just another facet of the Biden plan that has failed.

We are just a couple of days from the deadline that the Taliban said was a red line. The actions of ISIS-K are expected to escalate. No one expects the Taliban to be any more diligent. We hope there will not but fear there will be additional dead and injured. Each casualty is on the man who has said on numerous occasions that the buck stops here- Joe Biden.

Biden and Psaki have denied it, but multiple sources prove that the US has supplied the Taliban a list of names and addresses of remaining Americans and Afghan support personnel. This is a kill list. This action needs to be added to the list of investigations that must ensue after this operation is behind us.

Joe Biden took a few questions after he met with the press on Thursday. His demeanor and delivery did not instill confidence in anyone listening. He was weak, and the image of Joe Biden holding his head in his hands is symbolic of Who and where Joe Biden is today. He is a failed, broken man.

On August 20, Biden declared that any attack on the US military would be responded to with swift and decisive action. Our men and women in uniform were killed on Thursday. We are waiting. Where is the swift and decisive response. We are waiting.

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