Diversity Explained Very Clearly

Warning: this video contains fouls language and the truth.

I will not be in the practice of simply grabbing videos from YouTube and pasting them on my Blog. When I saw this video, it was described as EPIC by my friend who sent it along to me, I knew I had to pass it along. It is honest, is crass, is blunt, is off color and is so very much spot-on.

Diversity, and the search for diversity, has been out of control for a long time but in the last few months, it appears the diversity movement is taking some serious steroids. First of all, diversity requires labeling everyone so you can properly assign them to their correct grouping. Isn’t that being judgemental? Aren’t we supposed to accept everyone for who they are so how do we do that if we first have to label an individual and then file them into a box of similar folks? It doesn’t square….it cannot be done.

Having dealt with many different people in my career in management, I had only one way of measuring a person; results. I had white, black, gay, bi, men, women, other…..you name it and I had them on my team at one time or another. I did not see who or what they were but rather what they did to make themselves valuable and productive.

I live just off the campus of one of the oldest and most prestigious prep schools in the country. Phillips Exeter Academy has been turning out gifted and promising students since the 1700’s. You would think schools like Harvard, Yale, Brown would have offices on campus just to sign these future superstars to their next level of academia…but no, they cannot do that as Diversity will only allow them to offer a minute number of grads from a particular school a full ride to their school. Crazy, right? Parents are paying over $200K to send their kids to PEA, a high school, and graduating in the Top 5% of their class does not guarantee them a spot at the next Big Time School…..unless they fit a particular category of Diversity that a school needs to fill. How is that a merit based system? How is that not discriminatory? How is Diversity not just a simple example of Racism?

Where was the outrage last year when Joe Biden did not look for the best qualified person to put on the ticket but narrowed his pool of candidates to Black Women….where was the noise from White Women or Brown Men? How very blatantly Racist and the only purpose was to fill a box and please a particular group of supporters.

Where was the outrage as President Elect Biden began to fill his Cabinet posts and again, not looking for the best, he looked to fill the seats to mirror America….Give me 2 browns, 3 blacks, a few women, a gay guy, a transgendered whatever and okay, a white guy. Insanity….absolutely.

There is no apparent end in sight for this madness. In the future, parents might want to get their kids molded from a very early age to fit a certain type of person that is in demand. Once you have them totally conditioned as that “person”, can you now teach them to read and write. Just not cursive. Somehow that is no longer necessary.

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