Do We Really Need to Get Our News From Australia?

By Ray Cardello for August 22, 2021 Season 3 / Post 19

The American media has had an issue for many years as they continue to trade their credibility for satisfaction by the Left. I cannot tell you when they became a Liberal mouthpiece, but we have not had an honest Main Stream Media in years. The problem is that a high percentage of the country still relies on the 6 o’clock and 11 o’clock news, and they are getting a biased view of the day’s happenings. This bias is a massive contributor to the rift between Conservatives and Liberals in America. The Liberals listen to the talking heads on the three major networks, CNN and MSNBC, and believe the offering as gospel.

I am not saying that FOX News is the answer. It is my go-to network, but I am sure that someone else tuning in would have the same problem that I do with Rachel Maddow. The biggest issue is when opinion people come off as factual and when news reporters lack the courage to ruffle a few feathers. Neither party is doing anyone a favor if they turn their head to fake news,

We have many options to stay on top of the news cycle. One fact is that most of the reported news in this country is biased. The purpose of Main Stream Media is to move the political dial. Right now, this philosophy is working. MSM worked hard to get Joe Biden elected and has covered up his shortcomings until Afghanistan. This debacle is too much to cover up.

One source that seems to have no issue dealing with the truth and reporting honestly on the events happening in America is SKYNEWS Australia. They are hard-hitting, no-nonsense, with incredible video backed up by honest commentary. It is refreshing to get an unbiased view of events from a news team that does not have skin in the game. They do not have to bend a knee to the woke culture and are brutal in assessing American media’s facts and criticism.

Watching SKY NEWS today is like watching the Big 3 Networks of years ago. Back when actual reporters were bringing us the news of the day and not just talking heads reading a filtered version with an agenda. Their coverage of the Biden Administration and, specifically, the Afghanistan fiasco has been eye-opening. They pull no punches in their criticism of Biden and pointing out his apparent mental decline. They also call out their government and its response to the crisis. They are blunt in the damage being done to America by our open Southern Border. They place the blame squarely on Biden and the far-left ideology of the current Democrat party.

I hope that SKY NEWS can remain steadfast and not follow the path that has been the downfall of its American counterparts. They just might be tough enough to stay the course. Thanks to cable and the internet for bringing home a viable news alternative from down under. Good job, mates.

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