Does Anyone In California Have An Ounce Of Brilliance

By Ray Cardello for May 16, 2024, Season 26 / Post 25

California is one of the Crown Jewels of America. It is a massive state that is as different from north to south as America itself. I have not had the pleasure of visiting the state and driving the length of the PCH, but with the current condition of California, I think I will remove it from my wishlist. California is a mismanaged mess, so more people are leaving the state than migrating to it. For the first time in our history, California lost members of its congressional legislation as people left for Texas, Tennessee, and Florida. With some of the highest tax rates for individuals and businesses, the exodus has been happening for years, and the backfill has not. California is hemorrhaging tax-paying residents and filling the gap with illegal migrants. It’s not a good economic trade-off, but California’s problems are far more rooted than a shrinking population. California’s elected officials are the worst enemy of a struggling state, which is a waste for a state with such incredible promise.

The Golden State is tarnished, and the folks in charge are exasperating the situation instead of taking stock and corrective actions. They have redefined the neighborhood with massive tent cities popping up on the main streets of big cities. When there is a significant event like the Superbowl in Los Angeles or Xi Jinping of China visiting San Francisco, the tents are temporarily moved out of camera range and then brought back post-event as if nothing happened. Cities have set up vending machines with free drug paraphernalia and now San Francisco is prepared to spend $5 million to supply free beer and vodka to homeless alcoholics. You can not make these stories up.

California has been at the forefront of the Reparations issue and Newsom made the mistake of putting together a commission giving any plan credibility. When the group arrived at their decision, and it involved millions paid to any resident who was a direct descendant of a slave, Newsom had to insert himself in the process and table the idea.

Gavin Newsom is considered the go-to person if the Democrats decide to move Biden and Harris aside before or at the convention. Still, he has presided over this grossly negative period in California’s history. California is so large that if a country, its GDP would be in the top ten of the world, but with some of the highest tax rates and complex worker programs, like $20 an hour minimum wage, they have forced many companies out of state. The state is in such need of tax revenue to fund foolish programs that there are attempts to charge an exodus tax on people leaving the state. Good luck with that.

Newsom debated Governor DeSantis of Florida when DeSantis was still a candidate for President, and most of Newsom’s claims and arguments during the event were fact-checked as false. Very consistent for a Liberal. If he happens to become the candidate, his record will be scrutinized, and most logically thinking people would not want him even close to the Oval Office.

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