Donors Will Decide Biden’s Fate

By Ray Cardello for July 4, 2024, Season 27 / Post 21

Can we please turn off the gas and speak the truth? Ironically, I had four articles removed from Facebook in June because they questioned accuracy. My articles are opinion pieces, and I have worked hard to ensure accuracy in any facts I cite. I say ironically because right-leaning media floods the social media scene and has been full of lies for years. Apparently, the algorithms were written for one purpose: to protect the Democrats and, specifically, Joe Biden.

Should you torture yourself by watching CNN or MSNBC for 24 hours, you will hear the incessantly consistent message that Donald Trump lies every time he opens his mouth. That message is part of the Democrat machine. They supply the mainstream media with daily talking points to guarantee that Americans only see Democrats in a favorable light and the Republicans as evil villains who are allergic to the truth and a threat to our future existence.

That Democrat machine threw a piston this week as Joe Biden continues to dig himself out of the hole left by last week’s debate meltdown. The excuses continue to morph daily as Biden and his spokespeople grapple for the right words that Americans will swallow. Nearly a week later, nothing is working yet. The Democrats are in complete panic mode. Biden tells everyone he can meet that he is “In it to win it.” More and more of his supporters are falling off the rails and telling Joe to step aside for his good and that of the Democrats. Watching the Dems divide and pick sides is amazing, like a summer ball game at the park. In the end, none of this posturing will be worth the time. And the lines keep growing

Yesterday was an excellent example of the disconnect between Joe and his spokespeople. During the Wednesday Press Briefing, KJP was explicitly asked whether Joe Biden had been examined medically since the debate, and she replied emphatically that he had not. In short, Biden was asked the same question and replied he had been examined. Who was lying? Take your pick. Does it matter? Everyone in this administration lies but listen to them. It is Trump who lies. These people have no grasp of reality.

Biden has been meeting with governors and members of Congress. None of these meetings matter. It is what the donors say that matters. If they approve, the checks keep coming. If not, the checks go elsewhere. Biden is losing the money battle with Trump. The mega-donors are not feeling the Biden vibe, and money is one of the only ways Democrats can win. There is no way they can debate on policy, and abortion will only carry them so far. Unless they can present an image of the future that people can embrace, Biden will be one and done, and Democrats will be watching for a while.

It is evident that Biden hopes to retain the White House until Hunter completes his tax case. There is no way Hunter will spend a minute in prison if Joe can help it. He will commute the sentence, and Hunter will be free to retake his spot on the list of least memorable American “Straw” Artists.

Biden’s candidacy is not a case of if, but when. When will donors force his hand, and whom will he hand it to? Biden controls his destiny now, but it will soon be watermelon season in Maine, and Biden will need to fend for himself.

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