Election Interference VS Election Manipulation

By Ray Cardello for May 15, 2024, Season 26 / Post 24

The Democrats are constantly accusing the Republicans of Election Interference. Voter ID, Election Interference. Limit Absentee Ballots, Election Interference. Don’t allow drinks, Election Interference. With all of these baseless claims, vote counts are increasing with every election. But any time the Democrats can make noise complaining about Republican interference, they take it, and the msm echoes their rhetoric.

But how about we take a minute to look at Election Manipulation? A very quiet movement is underway, spearheaded by the Democrats and especially by Joe Biden. As a preface, American citizens’ right to vote is restricted per our Constitution. It is a privilege that many of us believe should be protected, and why we are offended by some cities, like New York, allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. Though not directly related to elections, the Right and Left also debate counting non-citizens in the census. The Left wants them counted to ensure population consistency and avoid redistributing. That is just their first step in an evil process to ensure we will never see a Republican in the Oval Office again.

The next step is complex and devious. Conservative estimates put the number of unnaturalized residents in America at 30 million. Joe Biden has directed every federal agency contacting these nonresidents to give them a packet explaining how to register to vote and the paperwork they need to get on their local voter registry.

The next step is probably unconstitutional and should be challenged by every state. Biden has signed an executive order that forbids any city clerk in America from asking about the citizenship status of anyone registering to vote. This means that any of these 30 million can fill out the form a federal employee handed them, present it to their local town officials, and miraculously, they are now non-citizen voters. This process to swell the Democrat voter lists explains why Biden opened the human spigot at what was once the southern border. Even if they only coerce a third of the target audience, they have gained 3 million voters. If you strategically place these migrants into the proper Red states, they can easily change the makeup of the electoral map.

This is a perfect example of all that is wrong with the Democrat party. They have no interest in the truth. They are openly deceitful to the American people and use projection to hide their true intentions. They have no respect for the Constitution. Whether the issue is abortion, forgiving student loans, immigration, or the right to vote, the Democrats will try every conceivable method to circumvent the law.

Their quest for power and the destruction of America is the Democrat’s ultimate goal, and this operation to bolster the Democrat voter ranks is their most egregious effort. Republicans claim they must match the efforts, but we cannot stoop to this level. We cannot get into a situation where we are breaking laws to match punches with the Libs. We must call them out for what they are doing and find legitimate ways to negate their efforts. We must also publicize their tactics in every way we can. We will not get any help from the mainstream media.

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