Falling Off of Those High Pedestals Can Hurt

Ray Cardello March 11, 2021

It was not so long ago that these three Governors were being praised for their proactive manner they were using to battle COVID-19 in their states. Governor Whitmer of Michigan was on the air daily while also calling out the White Supremacists who were protesting the State House in protest of her severe lockdown of her state. Gavin Newsom who is Governor of our largest state and was touted for his leadership in the Golden State and we spent every noon time for nearly a year watching Andrew Cuomo tell the world how he was handling the Pandemic in New York and how we should follow his lead to the end of the tunnel.

Andrew Cuomo had time to write a book about his leadership and won an Emmy for his daily updates. Amazing he was able to carve out that time as he was busy sexually assaulting, at last count, 6 female staffers and working to hide many of the 15,000 deaths in nursing homes due to his poor decisions. Dozens of Democrats in Albany are calling for him to step down but he has made it clear that he will need to be impeached or voted out of office. He is not leaving of his own accord.

Criminal charges could be in the works against Governor Gretchen Whitmer over putting COVID patients inside nursing homes used as hubs early in the pandemic. Talk of these charges are coming just days after the Michigan media reported that Whitmer made a hush money severance payment of $155,000 to the state’s former health director Robert Gordon who resigned abruptly after overseeing nursing homes policy and data during the pandemic. 

In California, there is a bi-partisan effort to recall Governor Newsom and it appears that they will be able to file the necessary number of verified signatures to initiate a recall election with the outcome probably being Newsom leaving the Governor’s mansion and a new Governor moving in.

The reality of these three people and situations is that people should take a breath before praising efforts and speculating on the next level of office for these Democrat politicians. They should wait to see the whole picture for when you put these folks on a very high pedestal, the fall is eventually going to be long, hard and fun for the rest of us to watch.

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