Families Have Values, School Boards Do Not

By Ray Cardello for May 24, 2022          Season 10 / Post 48

We know that the education system in this country has been indoctrinating our children for decades. The process began in the colleges and universities where the Progressive and Socialist professors programmed the easily influenced students who thought they were
preparing to teach. They would graduate and go on to teach, but they were also, unwittingly, becoming part of the legion of influencers.
These students graduated and moved on to high schools and K-12 schools and began to spread what they had been programmed. The people at the top of this scheme were patient and realized it would not be until an entire generation had traversed the sixteen-year training to realize results for their efforts. The secret to success is consistency, patience, and building a high confidence level between the children and teachers. The students had to buy into the new dogma they were being fed. They also had to keep a lid on what was happening behind the curtain. The parents must not interfere with the process. It all worked for decades until the Pandemic pulled back the curtain.
When schools shut down during COVID, and remote learning replaced brick and mortar schools, parents were exposed to the tainted curriculum their children were involved in, and they exploded with anger. They wanted answers from their local school board and a seat at the table to decide what their children would be taught. The Boards closed ranks and resisted the parent interference. The battle lines were drawn, and the conflict got ugly.
Teachers’ Unions went to the Biden administration and demanded help shutting down parental involvement. The Justice Department classified these parents who attended school board meetings as “domestic terrorists,” which led to parents being arrested for showing concern for their children. Parents did not concede, and they got angry and took their fight to the ballot box. Governors and local officials who were sympathetic to the school boards paid the price of being removed from office. Entire school boards were replaced by candidates committed to involving parents in the process.
The other elements exposed in the curriculum were CRT, gender orientation, and alternative sexual lifestyles. Parents were furious. Government support for educators or parents depended on the color of the state. Blue states defended the schools while Red states sided with the parents. That alignment did not work out well for the Governor in Virginia as the Republican blitz of Governor, Lt Governor, and Attorney General seats in a traditionally Blue state. Those results may be a harbinger of things to come in November.
Hillary Clinton coined a phrase when she was First Lady. She said, “it takes a village” to raise our children. Parents disagree, and they want the village replaced with their input. This battle is not going to fare well for school systems. As schooling returns to the classrooms, parents continue to monitor what is happening in the classrooms. They do not want their children, especially in grades K-3, exposed to any talk of sex, gender, or racism. The parents argue that they are the ones who should share their values on these subjects with their children and not a teacher. Families are entitled to their values, and school boards, and teachers, do not share these values.
Parents will win this fight if they stay vigilant and continue to use the two powerful tools in their bag, their money and vote. Test scores and graduation rates show that educators have failed us. Angry concerned parents will get us back on track.
 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft   thelibertyloft.com

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