Fentanyl Deaths are Collateral Damage

By Ray Cardello for May 21, 2022          Season 10 / Post 45

Fentanyl death, by poisoning or overdose, is now the leading cause of death in America for the 25 to 45 age group. Originating in China and distributed to the United States by Mexican cartels and smugglers. There is no legal use for this imported drug, and it should be classified as a terrorist act to bring it across our Border. We are losing over 100,000 young Americans every year from this death powder.
Every week we hear a story of enough Fentanyl intercepted by our Border Patrol Agents to kill every individual in this country. It is a unique and puzzling business model to have manufacturers and distributors complicit in killing a high percentage of their customer base. It certainly decreases repeat business and customers. What is the end game in this sordid effort? It seems that fear is their goal, and if so, they are successful.
We have heard considerable criticism about the lack of progress in stopping the flow of this plague. Many have called for this process to be classified as an act of terrorism. Terrorism is a national problem, and we should not be leaving the border states to fight this battle alone. There is no more severe or deadly assault any country or gang could perpetrate on Americans and America.
It is becoming painfully apparent that the situation at the Border is only a crisis for half of Americans. I fear that the Democrats, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, are doing nothing to control the flow of humanity, drugs, guns, and gangs because this is part of their plan to transform America. Transform may be too soft a phrase; destroy America is more appropriate.
The Border is the biggest failure of the Biden but is sharing headlines with the economy and infant formula shortage. Images of illegal aliens forming a never-ending chain crossing the Rio Grande and surrendering to authorities to be processed. No vetting, testing, or reason for entry. All these well-coached people have to say is they are in fear of returning to their homes. Those are the magic words of entry.
It seems like all of America is on hold listening to soft music as we wait for Washington to do something, anything, to solve the problems we wake to every day. Kamala Harris has stayed away from the Border like it is a high voltage third rail while she raves and laughs about the electric school bus. I drive a school bus, Kamala, and on a cold dark January morning, I want to turn the key in my diesel bus and listen to it purr. How about you get your incompetent self down to the Border, get educated on the reality of the crisis, and solve it. Do something, or get out.
Everybody sees the problems. Gas prices hit new highs every day while the stock market plummets to new lows. Inflation is on its own trajectory, and the White House continues to use fake info to justify its cause. It is Biden’s inflation, not Putin’s. Putin did not dump trillions into the economy only to remain unspent or redirected. You need four sets of eyes to watch all that is going wrong around us. It is tiring and stressful and makes the two years of the Pandemic look easy. COVID is over. The Biden impact will be around for years.

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