First 100 Days of The Transformation

By Ray Cardello for April 26, 2021 * Season 1 * Post 100

Transformation, change, turmoil…none of these are what you would consider comfortable terms. Most people prefer consistency, routine, even boring. The first 100 days of the Biden / Harris era has been anything but boring. How long can they keep up the frenetic pace with the goal to morph our country into the Democratic Socialist Utopia they envision? The next three plus years will hold the answer.

Decades ago, there were Democrats and Republicans but there was civility and compromise, Bipartisan was not just an overused term but a reality. Look to some of the confirmations of Justices for the Supreme Court. Scalia, Kennedy and Ginsburg were nearly unanimous. It was after 9/11 and the George Bush administration that it appears that the divide between the two parties, and the country, began to widen. With the election of Trump in 2016, the division between the Right and Left became a wall. Bipartisanship was gone and it now feels like the world of politics has gone Black and white, right and wrong. Debate, even discussion, no longer takes place and has been replaced with protests and riots.

Unfortunately, the divide has spread to friends and family. Family gatherings have become a WWF event and we now block friends we disagree with on Social Media. It is no longer a civil society. It is now me and them. Pretty sad reality.

This first 100 days of Biden is a classic example of where we are politically. On his first day in office, Joe Biden signed a stack of Executive Orders overturning four years of work by the Trump team. No discussion. No debate. If it had Trump’s signature on it then it was wrong and needed to be made right. Who ever really gets to decide what is right or wrong? It may be a simple as the person with the pen.

The new dynamic to add to the mix is it is now not just Republican versus Democrat but Republicans against Left Leaning Socialists. There are still “moderate” Democrats but the Radical Left is now calling the shots. Joe Biden had always been known as a moderate member of his party but when he said during the campaign that he would be the most Progressive President since FDR, we should have been aware of what we were in for. In three short months, 100 days, he has signed enough EOs and proposed enough high ticket sweeping legislation that we now know his threat will come to fruition.

The Infrastructure Bill, H.R. 1, the Green New Deal will probably be eaten up in the legislative process. Some components will filter through but hopefully the most radical will die before they find a signature. The one critical initiative that we on the Right need to ensure never gets done is the killing of the Senate Filibuster. With it in place, it takes 60 votes to get most bills, non-budgetary bills, passed through the Senate. This is protection from the bevy of Progressive country changing bills from simply passing through Congress needing only a simple majority.. If the Filibuster falls, packing the Court, the Green New Deal, massive tax increases as well as a significant bump in the Capital Gains Tax will simply be 51 Yea votes away.

We have said it before but it is more obvious with each passing day, we are in very dangerous times and Biden / Harris are positioned to do what the Dems have been calling for over the last twenty years….to fundamentally change America. America may not be perfect but I have seen the transformation of Cuba and Venezuela and if that is the new America of the Democrats, I’ll take what we have right now……thanks.

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