Forget the Slap, They Need a Boot

By Ray Cardello for March 31, 2022 Season 9 / Post 44

The fall of the Oscars can be called a documentary about the demise of the Left and Progressive Movement. The movie industry no longer produces any quality entertainment deserving of an award. This decline has forced the Academy to find a new purpose in its annual soirée. That purpose is to display how WOKE the Hollywood elite are and how this makes them better than the rest of us.

The apparent shortcoming in the Progressive WOKE is that there is no one to realize that they are on a trajectory to obsolescence. Their ratings are falling in politics, entertainment, and society, and they don’t realize that fewer people listen to their drivel. This year’s Academy Award suffered from its lowest ratings ever until The Slap. Then Social Media went into hyper speed and people tuned in to see if there would be a counter-slap. They tuned out, disappointed that it never came. 

Over 40M viewers tuned in to celebrate their favorite movies and stars eight years ago, but the current version garnered less than 9M. The Academy has successfully made itself irrelevant. Just like the Progressive, they have lost contact with the average American. In their effort to display how incredibly impactful they are, they have shown they have lost their followers. They have finally gone so far astray that everyone took the other turn at the fork

According to the Academy, if a particular film does not have enough diversity on the set, that movie will no longer be eligible for an Oscar. Los Angeles Magazine reports, future Oscar hopefuls will be required to submit a summation of the movie’s cast and crew’s race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability status. They are modeling the Biden administration, where diversity won out over excellence. They neglected to observe the results of that change in priority.

The Swag Bag is a slap to Main Street America. These ultra-rich performers are rewarded for their appearance with $140,000 worth of items emblematic of their stature.

  • Plot of land in Scotland that automatically gives the recipient a Lord/Lady title
  • Extra virgin olive oil infused with gold flakes
  • A voucher for plastic surgery on the arms
  • Complimentary project management services on a remodel or construction project
  • $10,000 worth of Botox, fillers or other procedures from a New York doctor
  • Sustainably harvested honey from New Zealand
  • A tour of Turin Castle in Scotland, including a three-night stay, a private butler and a bagpiper on arrival
  • Four-night stay at a San Diego-area spa
  • Skincare products said to be like a salad (but for your face) 
  • Hand soap that’s supposed to clean your jewelry while you wash your hands
  • Games like Exploding Kittens 
  • An inflatable orca floatie for your pool from PETA
  • Karma Nuts, which sound like fancy cashews
  • Life coaching, self-love coaching, and private training sessions from three different companies

The self-love coaching says it all. These ego-maniacs will need this treatment when they realize that nobody knows their name.

Can the Academy change course and become relevant once more? Yes, but only if they admit they have lost their way and realize that Americans are about excellence. We do not care if you are black, white, gay, straight, or suffer from an emotional challenge. We want a memorable performance that future stars can dream of matching. Then you won’t need to slap the host for people to tune in.

 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 

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