From Tweets to Whispers

By Ray Cardello for July 5, 2021 Season 2 / Post 21

Many on both sides of the aisle did not care for President Trump’s use of Twitter. At times, it appeared that the President never slept and was on Twitter 24/7. He had to be. It was the only way he could get his message out as the media censored him constantly. Well, I hope those same people are happy with the new form of communication that Joe Biden has brought to the White House; The Whisper.

Some found Trump’s tweets offensive. I find Biden’s whispers demonic. Trump had no filter on his posts, whether on Twitter or Facebook, but nobody could doubt or criticize his openness and honesty. You knew where he stood every minute on every topic. With Joe Biden, his whispers seem to be an attempt at making a point, but honestly, I am not sure he knows where he is standing, literally. Donald’s tweets may not have been up to Presidential standards but bending down and whispering to a group of international reporters is not up to any standards.

Donald Trump’s message and results were downplayed or shut down by the mainstream media, CNN and MSNBC. They did not report the facts, but their opinions and that filtered version was what most of America received. Trump had to deliver his message directly to the American people, and he chose Social Media as his tool.

Joe Biden has had the MSM, CNN, and MSNBC in his corner since South Carolina. They blew him up to be the savior for America and covered for him as he hid in his basement and rode the media to his election. Biden fooled the media, and so were the voters who believed their story. There are signs this may be changing. An example was an incident on Friday when Biden was asked about our troops. He lashed back at the reporter and said he would only answer questions on topics he had chosen for the holiday weekend. Joe Biden was censoring and creating his storyline. Most of the media has pushed back and criticized Biden’s lack of cooperation in this instance. That is fine, but where have they been? Biden and Jen Psaki have been doing this since day one. Maybe better late than never.

But back to the whispering. This behavior was not a one-off. This tactic has happened numerous times, and by the number of times his performances have been viewed. My bet is they are not being watched for the content but the spectacle. In my opinion, this whispering is a plan to shelter Biden from himself. Biden cannot think on his feet and is terribly dull in reading prepared statements. His whispering of key points takes the focus off the totality of his words, and the only thing people hear is the faint words of his whisper. It is an unusual approach, but maybe it is working for Joe. How sad we have to protect our President from himself.

We have traded tweets and Facebook posts for whispers and circling back. I do not think that is progress. The White House briefs have turned into deflection, not to call them lies and non-answers. The pressers have turned into a snippy Biden dressing down reporters rather than answering the questions. The media will work hard to keep the Biden Image that they created alive. It will take more work than they ever spent digging for the truth.

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  1. We can all see Joes cognitive decline…but I’m happier with him in office than Harris so…I’m not sure I want to push this issue too hard