George Stephanopoulos…Secretary of Dumpster Fires

By Ray Cardello for November 20, 2021 Season 7 / Post 11

The way the Biden Administration uses George Stephanopoulos to patch their public perception, the Senate may need to confirm him as a member of the cabinet. George is supposed to be a journalist with ABC, but the staged discussions between him and Joe Biden or Kamala Harris are nothing close to an interview. They are more like a campaign ad or infomercial featuring a failing administration.

Stephanopoulos has been a liberal mouthpiece since his days working for the Clinton’s. There is not a neutral bone in his body, and he does nothing to hide his bias. He has been consistent with his two sit-down conversations with Biden and Harris. Softball questions with no follow-up are the method of choice for George and ABC. They had an opportunity to make a news splash with exclusive time with the most powerful pair on earth, and instead, they opted to be used. Stephanopoulos and ABC are but tools for the administration.

Biden and Harris are suffering from plummeting approval ratings. That is bad enough but throw in the leaks about infighting and a growing divide between POTUS and the VEEP. The latter is why the sit-down happened this week with George and Kamala. There have been numerous leaks from the Vice President’s staff with the same story of discontent and division. These leaks are not a situation of a disgruntled individual trying to level a score. This is widespread throughout the VP’s team.

The leaks that make no sense is the belief that Harris is not assigned any meaningful tasks. The known negates the beliefs. The VP has been charged with as many as seven significant initiatives. These include the Border Crisis and Voting Rights. These are in no way insignificant. The insignificance is what Kamala Harris has done with these assignments. Nothing, Zip, Nada.

As for the Stephanopoulos “interview,” it is frustrating that today’s journalists have little skill when conducting a Q&A with anyone. I have been interviewing people for most of my professional life. The basic rule is that every response to a question opens the door to a follow-up question. It is painful to see obvious secondary questions never asked. One example from the Harris segment was when Kamala responded to the query about what she had accomplished. She answered that she had done much and that there was still much to do….crickets from George.

The following apparent query, evident to everyone except George, is:

Madame Vice President, can you take a moment and detail some of the accomplishments, the goals, and the next steps?

Her response would be a hideous cackle and then a circular thought that would not satisfy the question. Unless it is a part of a plan, it is lazy to take a non-specific response that becomes a sound bite for the daily bobbing heads.

There is a problem in the White House. You have a weak, age-challenged President and an incompetent Vice President. This administration claims to be the most transparent in history and then walks away from the press without comment or answers to questions yelled at them out of frustration. There has only been one Cabinet meeting since July, and it was scheduled while Kamala was out of the country in France. So much for her being Joe Biden’s last person in the room.

In today’s world of 24/7 news and a plethora of cell phones ready to capture your every move and word for posterity, you lie at your peril. Every statement can be validated or, with a few clicks on a keyboard..canceled. The President and Vice President need to square with the American people. Drop the lies and facade and stick to the truth. The truth may not set you free, but it will surely confuse the journalists and keep them from asking that delving follow-up question, the one that will cut to the true answer we were all looking for.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com