Great Week for Trump’s MAGA Court

By Ray Cardello for June 25, 2022 Season 11 / Post 29

Elections have consequences, and although Trump only spent one term in the White House, his impact is immense. With the three Justices he put on the Supreme Court, he changed American life’s dynamics. As this SCOTUS term closes, the decisions are coming down with a definite Conservative tone. The Liberals are apoplectic. It’s a beautiful thing.

The Supreme Court is why the Presidency is so essential. This week, three significant decisions handed down impact Education, the Second Amendment, and Roe Vs. Wade. All decisions align with Conservative principles. Donald Trump will be remembered for making the most dynamic change in the Court in our history. Democrats will forever vilify him for the same reason.

There are three hot topics that rile up the Left if decisions do not go their way. Education, Gun Control, and Abortion and the Conservatives went three for three this week. Ironically, all three cases were decided on a pure interpretation of the Constitution as written, so you would think the decisions would be readily accepted. You would be wrong. The Left could hardly contain their rage.

Nancy Pelosi came to the podium and tore into the Court, Republicans, and, of course, Donald Trump. Her face was contorted as she raged about the corruption of the Court by the Right and how women were damaged by the Court’s decision on Abortion. Nancy had little to say about school choice or the right to carry a weapon. But she ensured everyone knew that Abortion was now on the ballot in November. Shaking and red-faced, it was apparent the Court had gotten under her skin.

President Biden spoke to the nation soon after the decision came down. It was hoped he would address the country as a unifier. He did not. Biden also went right for the throat of the Court and the Republicans who built the Conservative majority. Just like he is doing with the gas crisis, he assured the American public that he would do everything in his power to get Congress to pass laws to codify abortion rights for every woman in the country. Like the gas situation, we are assured that he will do nothing.

We have lost 63 million unborn infants to abortion since Roe Vs. Wade. Twenty percent of all pregnancies today are terminated with abortion. That is a senseless and immoral waste of lives. We hear nothing from these hot-headed politicians who want to protect their votes but care little about the loss of life.

Both Pelosi and Biden claim to be devout Catholics. That claim is a sham with their devotion to abortion. Pelosi has had her right to receive the Eucharist revoked by the Archbishop of San Francisco, and if the Church had a spine, they would banish them both from the Church. You cannot play both sides of the morality line without repercussions.

Biden did in his final closing ask for peaceful demonstrations, but who will heed his request? Biden and AG Garland have been derelict in their duties to stop the protesting outside the Justices’ homes, and nobody will listen to them now. The group Ruth’s Revenge, or the Democratic Death-Cult, has already promised they will inflict pain and damage if Roe Vs. Wade is overturned. Who are we to doubt these vile individuals. I fear we are into another Summer of Love. Biden will do nothing to stop the carnage. Biden does nothing, period.

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