Green Energy Our Weapon Against Russia?


By Ray Cardello for March 2, 2022 Season 9 / Post 15


I will admit I cringe every time I see and hear Jen Psaki on the screen. Her condescending tone and elevated opinion of her position in the administration make me yearn for her final day behind the podium. When asked over the weekend if President Biden would reverse course on his energy restrictions on America, she smirked and held back laughter as she answered.


I smirked and laughed at her response. She claimed that the situation in Ukraine had strengthened the President’s resolve to move America from fossil fuels to alternative green energy sources. Let’s put this decision in the “Wrong” column for the Biden administration. Maybe another reason the Biden’s approval poll sinks lower weekly and is now at 37%


I want to believe and have trust in our government. That is not naïve but concern that these people in charge impact 300 plus million Americans and people worldwide. Bad advice and bad policies impact the world and are taken as Gospel by blind followers, like the mainstream media.


One absurd example of poor messaging by the government was FEMA’s directive over the weekend regarding a nuclear attack. Below is an excerpt from FEMA:


FEMA recommends the following steps to prevent ‘significant radiation exposure,’ which include “Try to maintain a distance of at least six feet between yourself and people who are not part of your household,” and “If possible, wear a mask if you’re sheltering with people who are not part of your household.”


This direction is not a joke or parody and not from Babylon Bee. A government agency published this drivel. You cannot take these people seriously with information like this and a press secretary like Jen Psaki. Maybe we should all gather under school desks leftover from the 60s.


America is not prepared to live in a fossil-free energy world. We are dependent on gas-powered vehicles, and turning off the supply of petroleum to force us to green alternatives is not the answer. Electric cars and trucks are still too costly for most Americans. We are not even close to a nationwide infrastructure to support charging electric vehicles. 


These politicians who are pushing green energy fail to disclose that 95% of the electricity used to power an electric fleet of American cars and trucks will come from coal. It is a scam. Pull us off fossil fuel to a green alternative powered by fossil fuel. Don’t forget your mask when plugging in!


The only solution to Russian aggression today is energy independence. First, buying energy from abroad, from OPEC and Russia, is driving fuel prices at the pump and, excuse the pun, fueling inflation. Purchasing fuel from Russia is funding Russia’s assault on Ukraine. The United States and Europe are both guilty of the complicit supply of money to Russia.


These people on the Left are obsessed with green energy to the point of sounding illogical and foolish. John Kerry, our green energy czar, was recorded last week during an interview with a Middle Eastern news agency that he wished Putin had more concern for the environment with his attack on Ukraine. Kerry was concerned about the carbon emissions from tanks and exploding bombs. We can all trust the topic never came up in Putin’s war room. Kerry looked like a buffoon, and sadly he is representing Americans when he speaks.


Biden will be addressing the country on Tuesday with his State of the Union Address. Unless he proclaims the Pandemic over, mask mandates over, and we will regain our energy independence, his speech will fall flat, and his numbers will continue to fall.


 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 


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