Harry, Shut Up and Turn Off the Cameras

Season 1 / Post 126

I cannot stand to hear privileged celebrities whining about how difficult a life they have endured. I will give Harry credit for serving in the military, but other than that stint, what has he had to do to enjoy the riches of British Royalty? Not much but to listen to him chime on during these made for TV interviews, his life has been a challenge that not many could survive.

Yes, he lost his mother at a very young age. The loss of a parent tragically taken too soon is something you would have to live through to comment about. But he had a support team that ordinary folk would never have to traverse their journey. His brother, not much older, seems to have not had the same challenging life to conquer. So this narcissist finds and marries a woman who is equally self-centered and also has a Black bloodline which this couple has used to their benefit. The perfect situation for the former Royal couple to scream Racism any time a situation does not work out in their favor.

Harry has bad mouthed the Royal Family, his birth land, and his new home, America, at every opportunity, which is whenever someone puts a microphone in his face. As a couple, they have messed up a prime time interview with Oprah where they blamed their plight on Racism. He doubled down this week as he again sat with Oprah and Robin Roberts. He spoke about his wife’s pressure as she tried to assimilate into the Royal Family and her close call with suicide. He also spoke about his depression, drug use, and thoughts of suicide after losing his mother and after his marriage to Meghan Markle. Please, stop!

You are making a fool of yourself and a mockery of your situation. You have divorced yourself and your child from the Royals, you have criticized your new country, and you have let your wife lead you down a path with no return route. Playing the victim may work for supermarket tabloids but is below your upbringing. You chose your partner poorly, but that is your problem to resolve but not in the public forum. In case you didn’t notice, the world is recovering from a fifteen-month Pandemic. Your issues are trivial to what most people have suffered through. Don’t minimize their efforts by glorifying yours. That feeds into your narcissism and sets you out as a pampered, immature individual who has yet to experience life and its trials.

Finally, we are tired of seeing you on the tube complaining endlessly. We have far more significant issues, and you know what, we are doing what needs to be done. We don’t have enough time and emotional energy to give you another thought.

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