He Finds Republicans “Unconscionable “

By Ray Cardello for June 3, 2022          Season 11 / Post 7

I listened to Joe Biden’s dramatic speech on Thursday night about his wants and desires for gun control laws in America. He went through a litany of items he called solutions and how deplorable Republicans are for not agreeing with him unconditionally. Of course, he invoked memories of his son, Beau, as he does in vitrtually every speech. He talked about his visits with Jill, he does not need to call her Doctor, to Uvalde and Arlington, and of course, he whispered many times, which is his effort at effect.
He called for an end to liability protection against gun manufacturers, which is tantamount to suing GM when someone is injured or killed by a Chevy Impala. He talks about the Grandmother who hands him a note to do something and, in the next breath, attacks Republicans. Inflation belongs to Putin, and mass shootings belong to Republicans. This rhetoric is from the President who claimed to be the unifier and the President for all Americans.
Do we take him at his word tonight in his dramatic twenty-minute emotional speech, or wait for Karine and his keepers to clarify and tell us what the President really meant in his speech this evening? He said nothing about hardening schools or using unspent COVID money to reinforce school security.
The President obviously wants to bring back the Assault Weapons Ban, but there is no clear definition of assault weapons. He also alludes to going after bans on specific handguns, but this is a non-starter. Republicans and legal gun owners will never allow these bans to be successful. He talks about strengthening background checks but does not refer to his other son, Hunter, who lied on his background check and has never faced charges for the felony he committed. Maybe he should focus on Hunter and not Beau when he gives these speeches.
Biden continuously claims that nobody needs high-caliber bullets or high-capacity magazines. So why does the Democrat sponsored bill before Congress exempt bodyguards from any of the restrictions? Because these people who are writing these bills are far more important than you.
 Mr. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) said in committee today precisely what the Democrats want to do. “You will not stop us from taking guns out of your hands. If the Filibuster prevents us, we will abolish it. If the Supreme Court stops us, we will expand it.” When asked for clarification about weapons of war, he said any semi-automatic weapon, period. When it was pointed out that means nearly every pistol or rifle in circulation, he ended the conversation.
Sadly, these people are ignorant of guns, bullets, and classifications of firearms, yet they feel qualified to pass legislation to regulate them. These people look and sound foolish, which is a common phenomenon for Democrats.
It is difficult to take Joe Biden seriously. When he is ranting in an obviously dramatic manner, you want to scream at the hypocrisy of these folks from the Left. Big cities are being shot up nightly by gun-toting gangs. Fentanyl is flooding over our open Southern Border. We have intercepted enough to kill the world’s population many times over. He leads the party that called for defunding Police, and now he wants to tell us how to solve the mass shooting dilemma.
Biden gave an extremely divisive speech and insulted the Republicans. Not the model for obtaining harmony and reaching across the aisle. Again, if somebody wanted to destroy or damage America from within, they would do exactly what Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing. They can point the finger at Republicans, but projection will not get it done.

 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft   thelibertyloft.com

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