How Did We Get Here?

By Ray Cardello for September 4, 2021 Season 3 / Post 32

When you reflect on the 2020 election cycle for the Democrats, they had a weak field of candidates but one common objective—getting Donald Trump out of the White House—getting the Evil Orange Man out of power and getting any Democrat into the Oval Office. The problem was they could not get behind a single strong candidate because there was none. Bernie Sanders-too radical. Elizabeth Warren-people hated her. Mayor Pete-Please! Eric Swalwell- he wasn’t even in long enough to print signs.

We get to South Carolina, and there is no clear choice. So Jim Clyburn, the twenty-year Congressman from South Carolina, plays the role of King Maker. Kamala Harris, who had been the early favorite, got taken to school by Tulsi Gabbard, and when Harris attacked Biden on stage, calling him a racist and sex offender, she was done before the first primary vote was cast. Clyburn threw his support behind Joe Biden, who went on to win South Carolina and win the nomination handily, but while hiding out in the basement in Delaware. The Democrat voters were hoodwinked and never vetted Biden for the job. That would come back to haunt them.

The big surprise came with Biden’s choice for a running mate. He had already committed to a woman, but when he chose Kamala Harris, the woman who just weeks earlier had verbally attacked him, the most incompetent Dream Team ever assembled became a reality. The Democrats had chosen two people who had no significant accomplishment between them. They chose a candidate who had two embarrassing failed attempts for President on his resume and a woman who had tried to take him down. They had two ill-prepared people to go up against the Orange Man.

Their game plan was simple. They would use COVID as their excuse for not hitting the campaign trail and the main reason the country needed them in D.C. They had no plan, answered few questions, started their days late, and ended them early. The Dream Team was playing fourth-quarter defense, and it was working. By hiding from the voters, their popularity rose. Neither Biden nor Harris faired well in the debates, yet the poll numbers continued to creep upward. They were helped by the Main Stream Media, who did nothing to question the Democrat’s positions, excused every miscue, and relentlessly attacked Donald Trump. The Media had joined Team Biden, and they would ride him right through the election.

They had their man and woman in the White House. They had Uncle Joe and Kamala, the first female and black VP in office. But what did they have? Nobody knew, but what we found when their playbook was opened in January was only one page-change every decision Donald Trump had made in four years. That is what they set out to do. Even though they had the House and Senate, why legislate when you have a supply of pens and blank executive orders. The plan was now apparent. Erase the Trump years and reset the country to the one Obama had left in 2016. Obama 2.0 was born. Many of the players were back, but we quickly learned that the Democrats were sold a bill of goods without a strong leader or direction.

This is not a personal attack but a truthful observation. Joe Biden is not mentally able to perform his duties. His waning cognitive skills are apparent and deteriorating quickly. Kamala Harris is immature and not ready for Prime Time. Her performance is so bad the administration has put her into hiding. With no leadership in the White House, a split Senate, and an inept House, the Democrats hold all the cards but have no idea how to deal.

The Border, COVID vaccines, inflation, energy costs, and now Afghanistan are proving too much for the Biden & Harris team and the Democrats as a whole. They are a broken party holding on with their fingers as their dreams of continuing power slip away. This drama may be fun to watch but sad for the country. No matter who is in power, we should all pray for the good of our country. I am just not sure there are enough prayers to overcome this mess. This is a clear case of being careful what you wish for, as you might be disappointed when you open the box. In this case, we got a pair of Jokers.

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