How Do You Undo an Insurrection

By Ray Cardello for February 19, 2022    Season 9 / Post 3

During today’s White House Press Briefing, there was an exchange that I believe might pass under the radar. Jen Psaki was answering questions from FOX News White House Reporter Jacqui Heinrich when it became apparent that the line of questions flustered Psaki. Heinrich was asking when the President would change tactics on sanctions on Russia. Psaki’s response was, why put the sanctions on if the attack will happen anyway. If it is obvious that a Russian invasion of Ukraine was imminent, why are we not enacting sanctions to deter Putin? It is wiser to wait until Putin is in Ukraine. Heinrich pressed and said it is better to wait for the blood to be shed before penalties are levied? Psaki flipped her red hair and attacked.
First, we need to stipulate that Psaki despises whichever FOX reporter is in the room. Her attitude and answers both bristle regardless of the topic. In this case, she had been upstaged by Miss Heinrich, and she needed to regain control. Heinrich was correct in her last question. The problem was she was right at Psaki’s expense. The Briefing Room is Jen Psaki’s room, and to play here, you submit to Psaki rules. Period.
Jen Psaki is symbolic of the administration she speaks for. She claims transparency but then serves up sarcasm and lies. Because of how weak Biden is in his job and how sheltered his team maintains him, Psaki is more than a Press Secretary. She is our filtered look into the Biden Presidency. She is no Tony Snow or Dana Perino. There is no warmth, connection, or feeling of truth in the room with Jen Psaki at the podium.
Our country’s two most influential people gave the two weakest speeches imaginable on Friday. Joe Biden referred to the potential assault by Russia as “that little thing in Europe” as he addressed the nation on the Ukraine situation. Kamala Harris is in Germany with our NATO allies and gave a recap speech in which she tried to use the word “Unity” as many times possible while rambling incoherently. If these addresses were to strike fear in Putin should he attack Ukraine, they failed miserably.
There is a commonality between the USA and Canada this week. Our leaders, Biden, Harris, and Trudeau, proved that we are not playing on the same field as Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran. These rogue regimes make us look weak and feckless as our leaders have no answer for their aggression. Jen Psaki is the only person showing strength, but she does by verbally putting down journalists. These journalists are guilty of asking tough questions. How dare they do their job.
The world may connect the dots and realize that the USA, Germany, and other countries are complicit in Russia’s actions against Ukraine. Russia’s economy is in shambles and has been bolstered by selling its biggest export. Russia is our third-largest supplier of crude oil and is supplying oil via pipeline to Germany. Our energy dollars are funding the Russian incursion into Ukraine. By changing our energy program at home, Biden has taken us from energy independent to buying crude from OPEC and Russia.
Our dependence on Russian oil and the personal connection Joe and Hunter Biden have with Russia is tying our hands. These factors are forcing us to be passive and watch the innocent people of Ukraine be invaded and killed. We did not think Biden could go lower than his performance in Afghanistan, but he is proving us wrong.