I Am a Proud Member of the MAGA Crowd

By Ray Cardello for May 9, 2022          Season 10 / Post 33

Donald Trump has taken up a permanent residence in Joe Biden’s head. That has to be an insane neighborhood in which to live. Biden and his crew know that there is no way they should have beaten Trump in 2020 and live in fear that he will announce his candidacy for the White House. Biden took a page out of Hillary’s 2016 playbook this week. The Basket of Deplorables went poorly for Hillary, and the MAGA Crowd will do the same for Biden. Insulting half the nation’s voters is never a good idea and a minor league move for Biden, a minor league politician.
Donald Trump will not run for President. He is still the dominant head of the Republican Party, but he knows running in 2024 will not be good for the country. I agree Trump is too divisive, and the country is already polarized to the danger point. Trump wants to be the King Maker, and going 22-0 in this week’s primaries shows that he can pick the winners.
Trump stepping aside will make room for the new generation of Conservative Republicans. DeSantis, Jordan, Abbott, and even Gaetz are poised and ready to right this sinking ship. We need Trump Republicans and not Mitch McConnell Rhinos. We need people with the cajones to stand up to the Democrats, including the Squad and fight them to submission. This Radical Woke wave that has enveloped the country in the last two years has proven to be the wrong people to lead this country.
The performance of the Red-led states versus the Left should make it quite clear to all that personal freedom, low taxes, minimal restrictions, and unleashing the power of the free market are the ticket to success. What we have had from Joe Biden and his incompetent administration is the exact opposite, more on the line of California and New York. People are leaving those states by the thousands because they know those states have lost their way.  
The media that was in bed with Biden in 2020 has seen the danger of continuing that path. Their credibility, ratings, and revenues have slid with their continued allegiance to the lies of the Democrat Party. The Elon Musk take-over of Twitter may force their hand for self-preservation. Should the media expand the scope of their reporting to include all of the failings of the Biden team, the nation will move to the center. The polls are already showing that shift.
The leak story with the Supreme Court will give them cover for a short time. Unless the Democrats have something more significant than abortion in their quiver, they may have pulled the trigger too soon. There is no way the story will have the legs to last six months until election day.
Trump was a great President, and history will tell that story in time. After eight years of Obama chipping away at our foundation, he changed our course. Our security, economy, our standing in the global arena were all improved under Trump. He kept us out of war but strengthened our military to let foes know we would be ready for battle. He brought production back from foreign soil and unleashed the capitalist machine by reducing taxes and restrictions. He restored American Pride even though the Radicals and media fought him every step of the way. He was stronger than they believed. And it took a Pandemic and an orchestrated effort of the Left and media to take him down.

The Pandemic is over, as is the belief that Biden was the right choice. He and Harris are the worst duo the Democrats could have assembled. It is time to correct the 2020 mistake. Donald Trump will help us get control of the government and a renewed future for the country.

 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 

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  1. Thank you Ray for always searching for the truth
    And balance . I wish more did