I Was Told Not to Answer Questions

By Ray Cardello for December 26, 2021 Season 7 / Post 47

Nobody can ever remember a sitting President telling anyone that he was told not to answer questions. Nobody can ever remember a sitting President whose staff had little confidence in allowing him to engage with the press and answer questions. That is until President Joe Biden. Joe Biden was elected President by hunkering down in his basement for the duration of the campaign. He had little contact with the press, traveled rarely, and usually only in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

I suspect the travel was because he came from Scranton and lived in Greenville, a suburb of Wilmington. He was familiar with his surroundings and could tell the time-tested stories of Joe from Scranton or Amtrak Joe. It made him appear genuine to his followers and lazy to his critics. But it worked. It got Joe elected President and Kamala Harris Vice President without ever vetted by the press or facing the public. Neither of them was tested, which is why we are in the conundrum we find ourselves in today. We have a mentally challenged President and an immature and poorly prepared Vice President.

We are nearly at the end of the first year of the Biden Presidency, and when it comes to press and public exposure to Joe Biden, not much has changed. Joe continues to be sheltered from questions, and Kamala proves inept to face the same. Thus the conundrum. We have never had two people in the two most powerful positions in the land, if not the free world, who are so ill-prepared. The majority of those who voted in 2020 were duped into thinking Joe Biden was the man to unite our country and lead us out of the Pandemic. They were fed a story, and they never saw the ending. The ending is a country that was in a far better place before Biden took the reins.

To those who read my posts, you know I am not a fan of Joe Biden and his administration. But this goes beyond a dislike. The performance of Team Biden is embarrassing to me as a loyal American. I watch the President speaking or answering a rare question and think about what people worldwide think of our leader. I watch Skymax News out of Australia, and they pull no punches when talking about Joe Biden. They have no problem calling out his blunders and apparent lack of mental acuity. They are sympathetic to America’s plight. We are lacking a true leader at a time when one is needed the most.

More often than not, Biden ends his time at the microphone with an abrupt turnaround and silent exit or the comment, “I was told not to answer questions.” First, who is so powerful to tell the President to zip his lips, and secondly, why is the President ill-equipped to answer questions? Both are great questions. We know the answer to the latter. It is the former that is up for grabs. Is it his Chief of Staff or his Press Secretary? You decide. My money is on Jen Psaki. I consider her to be the most dangerous person in the Biden hierarchy. She lies constantly, is outright arrogant to the press, often does not have an answer, and maybe the only person on the team with a high enough opinion of herself to boss the boss. Whoever, it does the country a disservice. If you cannot listen to and have confidence in your President, you doubt the free world leader.

Maybe we need to listen more to Skymax News. They may be the only ones who are not afraid to tell us the truth. We are in trouble with Biden. Period.

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  1. That is just one of the many 1sts for a sitting President.
    My favorite is Biden appointing a man wearing a dress and then announcing that biological man is the first woman to hold that job.