I’m With Joe And Our Boat Is Nearly Underwater

By Ray Cardello for July 11, 2024, Season 27 / Post 27

“I’m With Joe” and “We’re Ridin’ With Biden” are two of the lousy catchphrases used by people like Chuck Schumer and Jim Clyburn while the other Dems lost their voices. Even Eric Swalwell, who never walked past a microphone, came out of the DNC and did not flinch as he walked past reporters yelling for comments. After three years of lying to all of us, they realize that Joe Biden is out of gas and coasting toward the pits. Joe screwed up and challenged Donald Trump to a one-on-one debate and could not have been more incoherent. Now, the reality of a possible bloodbath in November has dawned on these Congressional members who are in swing states and may be voted out on a down-ballot windfall.

The last few weeks look like the Democrats are preparing for a mass political suicide unless they have something up their sleeves, like stealing the election. To try and analyze the Joe Biden candidacy, you must stipulate one thing: the conspiracy to hide the condition of Joe Biden from the American people is the biggest scandal of our lifetime. Forget Watergate, the Blue Dress, or Obama’s citizenship- those are small potatoes compared to the Joe Biden Reelection Operation. The Biden Fiasco involves every Democrat, staff member, and the media in a coordinated action to reelect Joe Biden, but more importantly, keep Donald J. Trump out of the White House. The only element we don’t understand is who is coordinating the operation.

Since the debate, the curtain has been pulled back, and Biden is exposed as the aging incompetent we have all known for the last three years. The Dems are trying to act surprised, but their acting is horrible. Those who interact with Biden, like KJP, Kirby, or any of his cabinet, persist in telling how sharp the President is behind the scenes. They look foolish and guilty of deceiving the American people.

About twenty members of Congress have publicly asked for Joe to step down, while most Democrat members are holding the banner for Joe. The clock is ticking, and the time to change is short. Outside of Congress using the 25th Amendment, the ultimate decision comes down to Biden, his inner circle, and the donors. Because Trump is strong in battleground states like New York, Michigan, and New Hampshire, Democrats must spend money where they typically do not need to. The donors are quite anxious, and the checkbooks are staying closed. In the meantime, Trump is raising money at a record pace. None of this is good news for the Biden camp.

In a genuine surprise, Biden consented to an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News. Everyone expected a softball-throwing exhibition, but Biden was peppered with tough questions and even tougher follow-ups. Biden hoped this would be a rebound opportunity, but the plan failed. The fake tan and relaxed format gave supporters something to cling to. They woke up Saturday morning empty handed.

Biden has placed himself in a no-win situation. He has exposed his diminished capacity. He can step down and admit he has been playing a con game on America. He can stay in the race and be beaten badly by Trump, destroying whatever destiny he had built with the Democrats. Either way, the Biden legacy is complete, and he ends his career as the worst President, replacing Jimmy Carter.

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