In the Spirit of Unity……

Nancy Pelosi proudly displays the Article of Impeachment

Today begins the second impeachment hearing in the Senate to remove President Donald Trump from office. But wait a minute. Isn’t Donald Trump already out of office? Didn’t a new President take office weeks ago? So if Impeachment is to remove a President and the President is now a Former President, why are we going through these steps, wasteful and expensive steps, to do what has already been done? Seems like a good enough question and one the media might want to ask.

I caught a few minutes of Meet the Press on Sunday. As a side note, can’t we change that title to Meet the Story Tellers….but I digress. I stayed with it to hear the partisan Chuck Todd ask the hopefully outgoing Representative from California, Adam Schiff, a real tough question. Do you feel the passing of the Articles of Impeachment were passed too quickly through the House? To which the all knowing Adam Schiff replied, and I paraphrase: Chuck, we had a dangerous individual in the White House. We could not waste another minute to remove him from power. We could not convince Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment so we had to act quickly to secure the safety of our people and the Republic itself. Follow-up question from Chuck…..crickets!

Well here’s the thing. Nothing changed. The Article was passed, and with the support of 10 Republicans, it was delivered to the Senate and today, nearly three weeks after President Donald J. Trump left office, we are starting a process to remove him from office to protect the country from this evil individual. It seems the Cavalry has arrived too late. The horse has left the barn and is retired to Florida.

So what is this really all about? Is this an action that is going to heal a divided country or stoke the flames. Is there a game plan? It is absolutely going to further divide us and certainly going to raise the ire of the 74 Million citizens who cast their vote for the reelection of Donald Trump but that is not the concern of the Democrats. They want to embarrass Trump at all cost. They want to prevent him from coming back in 2024. They want to strip him of all the privileges of a former President. All in the name of vindictiveness and all in the name of futility. They do not have the support of the Senate. They do not have the votes. What they do have is deja vu to 2020 when they were spending all of their time unsuccessfully trying to impeach Trump the first time that they allowed a Pandemic to sneak up on us and shut us down….Nice job Nancy. Nice job Chuck. Nice job Adam and Jerry. And in the true Spirit of America, if you fail once, do the same thing again. Biden is signing his name on Executive Orders at a record pace to erase all of the accomplishments of the Trump Presidency and now they are trying to simply erase Trump….Good luck with that. It will never happen

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  1. Very well written, Ray. You have nicely captured the divisiveness of all this, which, in my mind, is even more expensive than the incredible dollar cost. What a waste.

    I am enjoying your blog.