It is Time to Send Rep. Pappas Packing and Back to the Backroom

Ray Cardello. March 13, 2021

I would hope that a good number of New Hampshire voters in the 1st District have voters remorse. In sending Chris Pappas to Washington not just once, but twice. We cannot let this happen a third time. Pappas has two main objectives in his role as Representative…..that is to vote with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time and to advance his cause for the LGBTQ community. He believes this is how he can best serve the people of the Granite State. He could not be more wrong.

Let’s look at a comparison of two young Representatives in Congress today.

Lauren Boebert represents the 3rd District of Colorado. She is a wife, mother of 4, businesswoman, gun owner, former Democrat and now a proud Republican. Pro-Freedom, Pro-Guns, Pro-Constitution. “Heading to Congress to Drain the Swamp, stand up for our rights, and tell all the left-wing lunatics that we don’t want more government control.We want our freedom!” She is tough as nails and has already shown herself to be a defender of the Constitution and the rights of the people she represents. Colorado is very lucky that Lauren Boebert stepped up to represent them and their values.

Chris Pappas represents the 1st District of New Hampshire. Pappas co-owns the Puritan Backroom restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire. The Puritan Backroom is well known within the state as a frequent stop for presidential candidates during the New Hampshire primary. Pappas is single and has never been married, although he has said he hopes marriage and children are in his future.  Pappas is openly gay. This is of no importance to me but is to him as he promotes the LGBTQ agenda far more fervently than any other issue for New Hampshire.

Boebert is a strong supporter of the Constitution, a champion of the Second Amendment, believes in the clean and efficient use of all of our natural energy sources. She believes that she is in Washington to fight for the rights of the people of Colorado and to protect the Constitution which ensures their God given rights and that she took an oath to uphold.

Pappas believes in rewriting the Constitution. He is not a supporter of the Second Amendment, which is vitally important to Granite Staters, does believe in the Equality Act which is pro LGBTQ but anti women, is an automatic supporter of every Democrat initiative whether it is right for NH or not. He is a big spending Democrat with no fiscal constraints. He has a 100% backing of Planned Parenthood. He is not the right person for New Hampshire.

New Hampshire spoke loud and clearly this past election by turning the State level government RED….Republicans now hold the majority in the State Senate, House and Governor’s office. We are reclaiming our Conservative Roots and it is now time to turn our Senate and House members in D.C. red also. We need to find our NH version of Lauren Boebert and put the Granite back in the Granite State.

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