It Is Time To Take Back This Country

By Ray Cardello for December 21, 2023, Season 23 / Post 47

It is time to take off the gloves and get the knuckles bloody. It is time to stop playing softball and throw the heat high and inside, right under the chin. It is time to stop playing by their rules and take back this country. It is time to nail Biden with a fastball that will make him double over in pain and not even know where first base is. It is time to take this country back by whatever means are necessary. The Democrats are destroying this country, and most Republicans are willing to be casual spectators. This dynamic must change, or we will someday see America replaced by a new Socialist experiment and wonder how that happened.

The solution has to begin with awareness. I have two types of people in my circle of acquaintances: those tuned into the news and those tuned out. The tuned out have different ways they arrived in this group. Either they were never concerned with political and government happenings, or they are so upset and discouraged by them that they have blocked it all out. Most of these folks have no idea what is happening around them. Sometimes, I envy this group as they may be the happiest in my circle. The tuned-in consists of many types. This group creates a big divide in America because they are getting diametrically opposed views depending on who they tune into. Because of the vast difference in what they see and hear, they can sometimes not agree on anything. Then you have the passive observers and those who get involved. I am convinced those of us on the Right are getting and seeing a more honest view of the actual happenings. It is less biased and filtered, which is the word we need to spread.

Any Republican, heck, any true American, should be alarmed and disgusted by the Colorado decision to remove Donald Trump from its primary ballot. They have stretched any logical interpretation of the Constitution to claim that the former President is guilty of citing an insurrection and, therefore, forfeits his right to run for the Presidential office. This is a clear case of a Left-leaning court in Colorado manipulating an election. The Left is petrified at the strong probability that Donald Trump will be replacing Joe Biden in the White House, and tactics like this are what they are resorting to. Colorado is not alone. There are as many as 32 states considering similar actions.

The Maine Secretary of State must decide by Friday night on whether to remove Donald Trump from the Primary in the Pine Tree State. The Maine legislature held an eight-hour session to debate the Trump case this week, and there were multiple witnesses on both sides. These cases are pushing the clock as the Primary season is quickly approaching. Any decision to remove Trump from any ballot will be challenged in court and will probably be fast-tracked to the United States Supreme Court.

This is not supposed to happen in the United States. The Democrats have found a new low in their tactics, and you can bet the house they will work hard to find another tactic should the High Courts shut down their attempt to eliminate Trump from the 2024 election. Regardless of Party, every American should demand a stop to this Democrat effort to save our country, by tearing it down.

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