Joe Biden is Unifying the Country…Sort of

By Ray Cardello for September 26, 2021 Season 6 / Post 6

One of the selling points of Joe Biden’s Basement Campaign for Presidency in 2020 was he was the man to unify the country after four years of Donald Trump. His claim was the Trump had so fractured and divided the country with his “Make America Great Again” mantra that it would take the effort of a true leader and patriot like Joe Biden to help America reunite and find its soul. He believed that by teaming up with a woman of color by his side, he could heal all of the ills of the Evil Orange Man and set America back on its track again. I don’t think even Joe Biden envisioned how quickly he and Kamala could unify the people of this great land. He did not plan on the outcome they created.

Joe and Kamala, along with their embrace of the far left progressive segment of the Democrat Party, have united America in their belief that Joe Biden was the wrong man for the job or in their regret for casting their vote for the lifelong mediocre politician. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are both upsides down in every metric polled, showing that most of the country is unhappy with their performance in this still-young administration. This unlikely pair has, so far, failed America, and Americans are getting restless for better results.

No matter where you look, Democrat policies are dragging America down. The administration claims our Southern Border is secure as 200,000 illegal aliens cross the Rio Grande every month. We went from the most secure border under Trump in 2020 to no border under Biden in 2021. We have little idea who is crossing, from where, and how healthy these people are. As many as 15-20% of the crossers are testing positive for COVID-19, yet they are being distributed around the country. The administration claims these people are fleeing Central America, but it has been documented that they come from over 125 countries worldwide. These are not people seeking asylum from the Northern Triangle, as our Vice President claims, but they are people taking advantage of our Southern Gates held wide open. This may be solving a need by Democrats to bolster our population from Mexico and Central America, but not the need for safety by the mom raising her family in our heartlands.

Along with the unchecked flow of people across the border has been the unfettered amount of illegal drugs they are bringing. Border patrol has seized 4000% more Fentanyl in 2021 than in 2018, and that is just what is caught. No one knows how much is getting past detection. Fentanyl overdoses and deaths are on the rise nationwide, and the CDC predicts a 30% increase this year to over 125,000 Americans lost to this menace. The administration does not want to recognize this epidemic.

While the Biden Team has opened our doors to the South, they have kept our doors to the North shut and locked. Ground travel to Canada is still shut off, and the only means to cross the border is by air. While 75% of the Canadian and American people have been vaccinated, there is far less danger from the North than the South. It makes no sense.

Major crime is on the rise, led by homicide. Major cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles see a spike in gun deaths, primarily black-on-black gang violence. As arrests and prosecutions of most crimes are down, the numbers are distorted, and the Democrats are pushing a narrative of dropping crime rates when only reported crimes are down.

There is more. We can talk about Afghanistan, the Pandemic and failing vaccine programs, mask and vaccine mandates, and damage to our image on the global stage. Inflation is on the rise, and our energy costs are skyrocketing. A gallon of gasoline in some parts of California is pushing $7. Unemployment and employment are still issues, with the labor shortage forcing many businesses to cut back on services.

We are not in better shape in September 2021 as we were just one year ago. The Biden Team has taken us down the wrong path on many fronts, and on this the country is unified. Excellent job, Joe and Kamala. We cannot wait to see your next moves.

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