Joe, Get Your Head Out of the Sand

By Ray Cardello for June 23, 2022 Season 11 / Post 27

Joe Biden is habitually taking four-day weekends at his Delaware beach house. The good thing about this scene is that he can do no damage to the country on a weekend vacation. The bad thing is that nobody else in his administration does anything while he is away, which is good and bad.

We should have the best and brightest on the President’s team. Unfortunately, Biden was more intent on having the most diverse administration, starting with Kamala Harris, rather than the most qualified. We are paying the price for that initiative.

We are hit with many crises simultaneously, and nobody in the Cabinet knows how to react. The three people we should be leaning on are the Secretary of Transportation, Energy, and Treasury. These three people, Buttigieg, Granholm, and Yellen, continue to go on weekend talk shows and claim the President and his staff have done everything possible to curb rising gas prices, inflation, or supply chain issues.

Saying that means they have no new ideas or a plan to solve any of the issues wreaking havoc on Americans’ budgets. They have exhausted their thoughts on the problems, and this is another reason for changes. Biden is loyal to these people or concerned about blowback from the special interest groups he assuaged when he put this team together. How would he explain to the LGBTQ+ community that he had to fire Mayor Pete, especially after becoming a mother of two?

Biden addressed the nation on Wednesday afternoon, just before an early dinner and bedtime. I am being sarcastic, but what President addresses the nation at 2 PM? He primarily talked about the energy situation, but like his speech to the AFL-CIO last week which I disputed every sentence, today’s speech was full of mistruths. Say them often enough, get the media to support them, and the people will believe them.

Two big storylines were him continuing to blame the inflation on Putin at the same time Jerome Powell is before Congress saying inflation began when Biden’s term began. Who is telling the truth? The second was announcing the suspension of the Federal Gas Tax for three months. This Tax Holiday will save the average American less than $20 for the 90 days. In the words of Barrack Obama, the holiday is a pure gimmick and meaningless to Americans. It is a political stunt and not an effective policy move. It is disingenuous to the American people, but Biden is playing it like a difference-maker. That is how out of touch he is.

The new term I picked up from Biden and a couple of his advisors who also spoke yesterday was “we are at war”. This talking point is referring to the Ukraine situation. Biden is trying to put Americans to a moral test by asking if we are willing to pay high gas prices or see Ukraine overrun by Putin? This new approach to gaslighting the country is nothing fair or logical.

We are not at war. We are funding Ukraine’s defense with arms and money, but we are not a country at war. This is not Putin’s gas tax. This is Biden’s Failed Gas Tax. This is not Ukraine’s inflation. This is Biden’s Inflation which started long before the conflict in Ukraine. Biden is playing a physiological word game with the American people. He is certainly not smart enough to pull this off.

His poll numbers continue to slip, and more of the media is turning away from him. This is looking more like a failed Presidency every day, and even Jim Clyburn, the kingmaker who delivered Biden to the White House, has abandoned the President. Biden is done, but not America. The people are stronger than Biden’s failed policies. We will take the pain, knowing relief and change are coming in November.

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