Joe, Guess You Forgot Cyber Security

By Ray Cardello for May 11, 2021 Season 1 / Post 115

I guess somebody should have stepped up. We should have realized that our President is too old to think about High Tech. We should have known that being a basement dweller, Joe would not be aware of Cyber Threats. We blew it by overestimating leader awareness, Joe was off duty, as he is every weekend, and the Cyber Terrorists took advantage of our lapse.

Joe and Kamala included just about every spending opportunity they could in the Infrastructure Bill, yet they did not consider security of our infrastructure. Your omission is leaving us vulnerable to attacks like we suffered over the weekend. The group that identifies themselves as Darkside shut down one of our major oil refineries and pipeline. This attack could just as easily have been an attack on our electrical grid, water supply, internet access, or communication networks. Any of these could be crippling to our country. Little is being done to protect these essential elements of our infrastructure.

We are exposed, and I do not think this Administration is capable and forward-thinking enough to curb these threats. There does not appear to be a sense of urgency with any adverse situation. Whether the Border Crisis, the decline in the employment numbers, or the attack on a critical component of our energy grid, nothing seems to get his group flustered.

I do not enjoy often writing of the shortcomings of Joe Biden’s Administration. I prefer to be writing about positive gains. I prefer to be writing about the progress we are making against the Pandemic, getting the economy thriving, getting people back to work, seeing the flow of illegal aliens, drugs, and gangs across the Southern Border curtailed. Unfortunately, we are not making much progress on any of those fronts. Biden continues to have a high approval rating on his handling of the Pandemic, but that is momentum from the vaccine. That will start to wain as vaccine reluctance continues to be a significant impediment to achieving the goals Biden is promising. On virtually every other measure of performance, Biden is upside down. He has the lowest overall rating of any President at the point in decades.

If Darkside is the group responsible, there is talk that they may hold their victims hostage for huge payoffs that they will then contribute to charity. Colonial Pipeline, this weekend’s victim, has yet to confirm or deny this rumor. There is a significant play on the part of the MSM to link this attack and group to Russia. This hypothesis is expected as any incident with international ties automatically conjures up a Russian connection. This makes for a great storyline but is an easy and lazy approach.

So what is the plan? What is Biden’s approach to this situation? Is this another project for Kamala Harris to lead? This game is serious. The Pandemic, economy, illegal immigration, inflation….they are all serious, but it is becoming obvious that in putting together a diverse team, Biden did not put together a capable team.

Maybe they could ask Google for help. When our country was under attack from Donald Trump trying to be re-elected, they were up for the task. Or maybe Amazon. When Parler threatened Facebook, Amazon pulled the plug and stopped them cold. Or how about Facebook. When people were exerting their quest for free speech, Facebook shut them up forever.

It is time for this woke group to wake up, face the issues and solve them on behalf of the American people, the half who support this Administration and the half who knew they could not step up the task.

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