Joe is Picking Your Pocket

Ray Cardello March 5, 2021

Joe has called the Governor of Texas and Mississippi Neanderthals for opting to remove the mandate for wearing masks, one two or three, and to allow restaurants to resume 100% seating. They are not telling anyone that they have to remove their masks or that they have to fill every seat but there is no longer a mandate restricting them. Is the threat of spread of COVID as a result the problem with Joe Biden? Heck, NO. He just released into the general population over 100 illegal immigrants from Mexico who had tested positive for COVID so obviously he has no concern about spreading the disease. What he is concerned about is that the Pandemic is breaking down. If that is true, then why do we need to pass a $1.9 TRILLION COVID relief bill? Why do we need to spend money we don’t have to help relieve a Pandemic that no longer threatens the masses. We can put the pen down and save the money. Hell no, that will never do.

Joe’s COVID Relief Bill was never about relief or COVID-19. It was all a smokescreen to put through a spending bill that placated every special interest group imaginable all in the name of the Government to the Rescue. After all, does a bridge from New York to Canada do anything to relieve a Pandemic? Of course not unless it is an escape route. How about a tunnel from San Francisco to Silicon Valley? That does not even allow escape. How about $15 Minimum Wage? Nope as that is just going to put millions out of a job and into deeper depression. How about this Bill is simply all about Power. Absolutely. 100%.

Joe is picking our pockets for the future, and for generations to come, to seize at an opportunity to push through a collection of pet projects that would never get through on their own. As a package and under the disguise of a relief bill, he is maybe going to pull this off. The Bill has already gotten through the House where it just needed a simple majority. It is having a tougher time getting through the Senate where the adults are doing there best to slice out whatever they can before it comes to a final vote and the Dems may be able to have this bill passed by reconciliation rather than having it go down the tubes by requiring a super majority of 60 votes which it will never get.

Joe will get his Bill. It may have a few casualties, such as the minimum wage, but they will get the majority of this Pork Fest through and to his desk for signature and a victory lap. His 80+ million supporters, both dead and alive, will celebrate. The rest of us will shake our heads and wonder how we will ever pay for it. The answer is we will not. As the National Debt approaches $30 Trillion, it is obvious that it will never be repaid and in truth is meaningless. The Fed will keep printing more money, our savings and 401K will continue to decline in value and the Dems, who have no understanding of any of these things, will dance in their ignorant bliss. Joe, with a big smile behind his black mask, will then return to his basement until Kamala tells him to come up again.

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